This is the first time this has happened –

This is the first time this has happened –

It never happened. And maybe it could just happen to Apple: The Cupertino Corporation is the first company to cross the $3 trillion psychological threshold of market capitalization on Wall Street.. Since the beginning of 2021, Apple’s shares are up 38% and 2022, it’s clearly better off with a price of $182.88 (+3%) allowing the ceiling to be broken so far. To do this, you need to reach $182.86.

Technical Analysis

The stock of the group led by Tim Cook is trading at about 30 times its expected 12-month earnings, down slightly from a multiplier of 32 in early 2021, but still at its highest level since 2008. Hal Eddins, chief economist at Capital Investments, a shareholder, said At Apple, the company has been a safe haven during the pandemic. Many analysts believe that Apple still has plenty of room for growth in the coming years, with products like the Apple Car. Let’s see Apple Car’s prospects that represent the clearest path to doubling revenue and market capitalization, as explained by Morgan Stanley. However, according to other analysts, Apple is reaching the limits of growth for its customer base without guaranteeing that future products will prove as profitable as the iPhone. In a note to investors in December, Bernstein warned that while the outlook in the augmented reality category is good, it will represent just 4% of its revenue by 2030. Moreover, the entire market for these devices is unlikely to approach a billion. units up to 2040. Another concern is the uncertainty about Apple’s ability to make the same profits for paid services. The App Store’s business model, which takes commissions on app purchases, has been targeted by regulatory authorities in the United States and Europe. Meanwhile, Tim Cook has priority.

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balance sheet numbers

It is clear that the continuation of this reckless growth depends on the success that Apple products continue to achieve in the world. In the last fiscal year ending September 25, Apple reported a 33% increase in revenue to $365.8 billion thanks to strong iPhone 5G demand. But this snapshot came after a year of single-digit sales and a 2019 year in which turnover fell. Toro’s bid for Apple hinges on the fact that it has built an ecosystem for the billion iPhone owners who pay for its services and are well positioned for forward-looking industries. Critical investors who argued the group’s excessive reliance on the iPhone were proven wrong by the fact that the smartphone became the center of an expanding solar system with new products like the Apple Watch and Apple AirTag and new paid services like TV, music or fitness classes.. Apple has been and continues to be an amazing success story based on indispensable products and a growing suite of services, explains one investor who is confident that this new record will certainly not be a sell signal.

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