How does a mortgage suspension work?

How does a mortgage suspension work?

The suspension of mortgage payments on the first home of certain types of citizens for 2022 has also been confirmed. Let’s see how the procedure works and what requirements must be met in order to benefit from the support.

Extension of the budget law Suspension of mortgages on the first home For the self-employed and professionals.

Who has the Requirements Request will be able to access the so-called Gasparini Boxthe tool that allows you to request a mortgage hold to buy your first home for a Maximum period of 18 monthsusable in no more than two separate periods.

Let’s see when the bonus can be accessed.

The first home: Extending the mortgage suspension

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Also this year you can order Mortgage payments suspended for first home purchasea measure that has been extended until December 31, 2022 and is restricted to self-employed and professionals with certain requirements.

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This possibility is granted thanks to Gasparini Boxthe tool that allows, in the event of economic hardship, to apply for a loan suspension for the purchase of the first home for Maximum total period of 18 monthsusable in no more than two separate periods.

Endowment of the loan: for those who request it

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there Suspension of the mortgage on the first home It can be ordered according to the following topics:

  • The self-employed and the self-employed who, due to the epidemiological emergency, registered a Decrease in turnover of more than 33% Compared to the volume of business in the last quarter of 2019;
  • Mortgage holders max 400 thousand euros;
  • Mortgage holders who benefit from Guarantee Fund for First Home Loans;
  • Undivided property cooperativesfor the mortgage loans granted to them.
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To reach the scale, the Presentation of ISEE. The suspension may also be granted for loans that have already been accepted into the benefits of the fund and for which regular repayment of installments has been resumed for a period of at least three months.

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