Windows XP, Winamp, and music from the 2000s | You can’t help but be overcome with nostalgia

Windows XP, Winamp, and music from the 2000s |  You can’t help but be overcome with nostalgia

Who doesn’t nostalgically remember old computers, Windows XP, and music player software?

All those people born during the 80s and 90s will surely remember with nostalgia when they returned from school, They spent the afternoon in front of the computer at the beginning of the new millennium. At that time, the computers used by most young people had… Windows XP operating system Which he had An unmistakable thud Which indicated on and one for off.

Many will remember the famous logo of Windows XP – Photo Ansa –

Moreover, many will not forget this even now The famous music player program And the accompanying video is the pre-installed video Windows Media Player, WinAmp: You will change the visual appearance of the player at least once, using the “Properties” item in the drop-down menu that opens when you right-click. For its part, the most unique element of Windows Media Player is its many electronic elements Various animated graphics Which Accompany the operation Of music.

Windows XP is made available to its “users”, a The writing software is completely free Which can replace Microsoft Office or Open Office package: Block Note. But there is another distinctive device that has been used by everyone and modified over time: the mouse. It used to be that only one person used a mouse during those years Play with a small hard rubber ball which has been placed inside the mousein its lower part, was used to make it move and slide on the surface of the table.

Playing computer games at the beginning of the new millennium

For those who were not interested in listening to music or writing, they always could Use their computers to play and have funduring the afternoon of leisure, with the classics Pre-installed video games “Pinball” or “Minefield”. Instead, many others decided to install video games from different categories: From “shooters” to car and motorcycle racing gamesthrough role-playing games or strategy games.

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Classic graphics for Windows XP screen – Photo Ansa –

Among the most popular video games we cannot fail to mention it “Virtue Squad”, a first-person shooter, developed by Sega Enterprise since 1994. The goal of the game was very simple: eliminate all opponents using a gun, without getting hit or killed. Finally, we should also mention the motorcycle game, in which you can punch your rivals during the race to knock them down and win.

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