Mr. Mourinho’s words after the Genoa-Roma match

Mr. Mourinho’s words after the Genoa-Roma match

This is how Mr. Mourinho commented on the defeat to Genoa.

This is perhaps one of the worst performances of his administration. Nothing went right today, starting with the behavior, especially in the first half. Is this correct?

“I apologize to the studio (from DAZN, editor), but I don’t want to talk too much. At the end of the match I didn’t talk to the players, I just greeted them. And when I don’t talk to the players, I don’t feel comfortable analyzing the match in depth, answering the questions they could ask me From the studio.

We got off to a bad start, you’re right. The goal at the beginning was bad, as was the goal scored by Verona in the first minutes. We had a reaction, we equalized and then Diego was injured (Llorente, editor). After Diego’s injury, the team’s structure began to change, getting worse.

With the score 2-1, with Mancini booked, and with this referee’s profile, we thought it was appropriate to replace Gianluca. So the team structure changed again and we improved not because of the structure issue, but because of the desire to change. When the offside goal arrived (by Lukaku, ed.), I felt the equalizer could have come: they were low, we had the ball and control, even if it was a domino of no quality, without big chances.

They closed the field and we had everyone – Belotti and Azmoun – playing inside the area and not outside. After that, the score was 3-1, the game was over, and the fourth goal was out of context in this type of match. “Sometimes a complete disaster happens when the fifth or sixth goals are scored.”

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His net has conceded 12 goals since the beginning of the season. Have the principles of last season in terms of defensive solidity collapsed?

“That’s true, without a doubt. I don’t want to say too many things. People talk or talk about Ibanez’s mistakes with the ball, which every now and then direct some situations in some special matches. But the truth is that Ibanez gave us incredible solidity at the defensive level. You can Look at how many games we’ve won without Chris Smalling.

When we lack players, we lack solidity. However, to say that this lost solidity depends only on the fact that this or that player is missing is not even true, because that solidity is also a result of the team spirit and also a result of the important teamwork with the lost ball, when the block was reduced.

And it’s true, we’ve lost a bit of that (defensive solidity, editor): every shot on goal is a goal. I’m not talking about Roy but about the situation, at this moment. At the moment, things are going like this: on the first shot there is a goal, on the second Retegui scores, then they defend, defend, defend, then they score the third goal from a corner kick. The same thing happens in every match. Torino scored with a header from Zapata in the first minute, and then it was over. “This is the moment: I feel it on the bench and the players definitely feel it on the field.”

How long can he not look at the world rankings? Because today is really bad and this is the worst start in Roma’s history in the three-point era.

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“It’s also the worst start of my career, but I think it was also the first time in Roma’s history that we played two European finals in a row.”

There was an injury to Llorente: Things are starting to increase. Is it a matter of preparation, or continuity of matches played by the same players?

“Did you also ask Gilardino the same question, or are you only directing it to those who lost the match?”

No, I also did that with Gilardino…

“The result is this: they played 48 hours before us and lost two players. Yesterday, if I’m not mistaken, there were 5 players out with muscle injuries. Diego has a medical history, he is not a completely healthy player, he is one of those who do not suffer from “Problems, he often suffers from muscle injuries. He has played three games in a row, which is not a big surprise to me.”

Does this group have the strength to get out of this situation?

“It’s the group we have, and with this group we have to get out. There’s no other story, there’s no market, no one comes, no one leaves, it’s the team we have with its qualities and its problems. We have to move on, there’s no time to cry.

You can cry internally because it hurts your heart, and also because of my relationship with Roman it affects me more, because it is not a personal issue but also a public issue that makes me feel this way. But tomorrow we will work there, and the next game will be 3 points, not 6 or 8. But it becomes a very important game for us.”

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