How to arrange and improve an antique sideboard in the kitchen

How to arrange and improve an antique sideboard in the kitchen

If you look carefully, chances are you’ll also find an old safe in your basement or attic without even knowing it. This is more likely if you live in the countryside or if your home is several decades old. Well, if you are lucky enough to have an old sideboard, don’t make the mistake of throwing it away or giving it away, but make it into the furniture. You don’t even imagine just how far a supplement can become able to catch everyone’s eyes on itself: here we give you some excellent tips on how to improve it and with it what it’s all about.

Photo by James Demers – Pixabay

What is a sideboard and what is it used for

For those who don’t know or don’t remember it, it might be helpful to review what a person’s job is buffet And how is that done. In general it is rustic furniture Which, until a few centuries ago, was present in all kitchens and was an absolute must in rural areas.

From a structural point of view, it consists of a summit which acts as a work surface and as a single unit Liftable door was used to make home made bread, The one above was mixed and it worked. there bottomclosed branches It gave a useful extra space for storing the same bread and supplies.

If it be true that at present the sideboard no longer has the purpose for which it was used, the same cannot be said of its immortal charm. Today’s side panels Highly desirable furniture accessory Which, despite its rustic character, can be used in any kind of environment and style, even the most modern.

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Let’s see how to insert it and adapt it to the most suitable room, namely kitchen: All you have to do is follow us suggestions Find the solution best suited to your needs.

How to adapt an old sideboard in the kitchen: advice

How to arrange and improve an antique sideboard in the kitchen
Photo by 27707 – Pixabay

Don’t let the natural hold you back gravity The rustic aspect of the sideboard and instead let yourself be carried away by imagination and personal taste to determine the best location for it in the house.

For the rest, feel free to draw inspiration from it straight which we present to you below.

Playing with contrasts

your kitchen accident, maybe minimum And by a lot Metal in the field of vision? Then the antique sideboard is perfect for giving warmth to a cold, sterile room. Place it where you are most comfortable or in an unknown and boring corner to give it new personality and functions. –

In fact, don’t forget the side panels as well spacious And it allows you to arrange many things that you prefer to hide in an organized way. If it seems to darken the room, You can draw it: the white that it passage Which gives freshness.

Enjoy the colours

Expert antiques dealers and restorers advise restoring valuable furniture, both artistic and economical, to its originals, but with the use of creativity to anyone else. If your sideboard belongs to the second category, Have fun with color To give a new look and more suitable for the surroundings.

Pastel or bright colors, white in all its nuances, plain or BicolorAnd decoupage Or brush painting, or flower, or abstract patterns, orStill, Inspired by pop art or cultural current you prefer, There are no limits to imagination. This way you will make the sideboard a piece decor uniqueis able to set the tone and personalize even the most banal and faceless cuisine.

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Country and wood style

If your kitchen is in it style nation Or, at any rate, somewhat differently traditional With wall units and accessories woodFits nicely with an old sideboard. The effect is more complete The word is outdatedwhether that is the case Clay and cement tiles Mosaic tableware or Wooden floor.

Shabby chic style

the style shabby chic, Simple and versatile, it adapts to many environments and is appreciated by many people. If you are also among those, then turn an old sideboard into a piece of furniture from your favorite direction.

All you need to do is pickle And give it this form Used/worn effect over time Which lends itself to many combinations and mix up.

with the sink

How about using the sideboard as a sink support? A great idea, original and practical at the same time. a ceramic model It is perfect for this purpose, even if it would be better with contemporary lines.

The visual effect will be amazing and the side panel will allow you to have the space you need to have everything right at your fingertips.

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