WhatsApp, do you know this hidden feature? It will transform your days

WhatsApp, do you know this hidden feature?  It will transform your days

WhatsApp, do you know this hidden feature? A little known gem that will change your day.

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WhatsApp is the app that has revolutionized Making connections It can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The application requires an internet connection to work and perform all its functions. From a simple phone call to a video call, to sending and forwarding different types of multimedia content, thus audio, video and images. WhatsApp is also widely used in the workplace This is also thanks to the possibility of creating groups Where everyone inside this chat can send their messages.

WhatsApp also cares a lot about privacy For this reason, you are allowed to send content, allowing it to be viewed only once. These are quite well-known functions that are now becoming popular. However, there are others that are not as well known, which is a fact It’s a shame because they’re so precious anyway.

WhatsApp discover the hidden function

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Hidden WhatsApp features (Mrinformatico.it)

There are jobs after that WhatsApp which is not very well known But it can actually be very useful. For example there An application called WAMR Which allows you to recover all those messages that the sender deleted so that the interlocutor does not read them. Anyone can find a deleted message in the chat before reading it.

But this will now become a memory, thanks to this app Retrieve the contents of the message. A little clarification, It is not retroactive, meaning it must already be downloaded On your mobile phone because if you do it later it will have no effect.

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A little-known application but suitable for those who want to maintain privacy and do not want to show when they are online or even accessed You must download the unseen. Thanks so much it will be You can read WhatsApp messages Which arrives without having to enter the application with the clear green icon. This way you can read it beforehand but not access it.

The second function of WAMR

The above application performs another function, which is a function Check when people are online. So let’s Monitor someone He understands when he enters and exits WhatsApp. In fact, the notification arrives every time he enters and exits. Then a full report will arrive at the end of the day. A very strange application, but regardless of whether you can use it, first check whether this operation should be performed.

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