Computer on standby: is it the best option? Here’s how much you spend on your bill

Computer on standby: is it the best option?  Here’s how much you spend on your bill

We all have at least one PC in our homes, but how much is this platform consuming? Is it better to turn it off or leave it in standby mode?

Saving money on the electric bill is now almost a commitment for all Italian families due to the rising costs of electricity. Nowadays, even the smallest details and the smallest thought can make the difference between a regular bill and a very high bill.

If the period of TVs is now outdated, there are in almost every home computer Or a computer if you prefer: This electronic product can be used in many ways, and depending on the use that is used, we also have a very different consumption in terms of electricity: this is what we need to do to save money on the bill with the computer.

How much does a PC cost in the bill?

Obviously, to understand how much a computer consumes, you must first determine which computer we are talking about and how we use it: there are many models of computers of varying power and even in one family there can also be more than one computer, a bit like what happened time with televisions. Many people use the computer just to spend time with social media, some use it for work, and still others, especially the younger ones, use the computer to play video games.

What’s called “gaming pc“Obviously it is the most consumed due to the many peripherals that are present and the advanced technology of various components such as the processor, keyboards, speakers and above all observer which is now the envy of more advanced television screens.

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A highly technologically advanced computer used to play video games so it consumes even 500 watts per hour, about 10 times more than a normal computer. Given that the average electricity cost is about 5 cents per kilowatt-hour, we can safely say that a gaming computer running for 24 hours makes us spend about 120 euros per year.

PC: Better to turn it off or leave it on standby?

It’s really expensive, but it has to be said that it’s still rare to see a computer running 24 hours a day, even for very long gaming sessions. But a lot of people have a habit of not Turn off the computer and leave it in standby modeso you can use it quickly without restarting it: is it really the most reasonable option?

In fact, it has been discovered that, like a TV, even a PC (of any band) consumes minimal electricity when on standby: about 52 kWh in one yearMultiplying consumption by the cost of electricity can raise the price of your bill.

The advice is always to limit computer use, especially if we use it for video games and turn it off at night or when we’re not using it: you’ll notice a huge difference in your bill!

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