Windows 11: Microsoft is testing the first ads in the Start menu.

Windows 11: Microsoft is testing the first ads in the Start menu.

Microsoft seem Ad insertion test In the Start menu to Windows 11with the “Recommended” section which should start suggesting some apps to download or use for different uses.

Normally, this section contains file recommendations, but with this new version, it should start indicating possible applications to use for these purposes, at least in this non-final form of the program.

This test will only be visible to Windows Insider within the Beta channel In the United States of America, it will not be included in commercial devices and those managed by organizations, according to what Microsoft reported, but it is clear that this is just a stage in the development of the system, so we wait to see how the matter will develop.

This is not the first experience in this sense

Windows 11

However, the apps in the list can be promoted Disabled In Windows 11 Settings, however, ads will be active by default, so you must remove them manually by accessing Options, if you want to remove them.

Obviously this is a testing phase, so Microsoft will be collecting information Feedback and reports During this part of the testing to understand whether it is indeed appropriate to include the functionality permanently in the full release of the operating system.

This isn't the first time a similar solution has been tested: Microsoft actually began testing the inclusion of some ads in File Explorer last year, then disabled the issue before reaching the beta stage.

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