GTA 6, the first trailer has an official date: here it will be presented by Rockstar Games

GTA 6, the first trailer has an official date: here it will be presented by Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games is making us sweat with the announcement of the next Grand Theft Auto game, but it’s almost time now. The developer indicated through its social media channels as well as its official website that the premiere of the film GTA 6 will premiere on December 5, 2023 at 3:00 PMItalian time.

What will we see? Exactly in this trailer? We don’t know yet. Technically, let’s remember that it has not even been confirmed that the next game will be called GTA 6. The only thing that is certain is that the announcement will be a moment of great importance for the gaming market, considering only the confirmation of the arrival of the trailer. In December, it achieved more than 300 million views on social media in a short time.

GTA 6 What did the rumors tell us?

As mentioned earlier, we know practically nothing about GTA 6 and the trailer will allow us to discover the plot, setting, characters, and hopefully the release period. In this sense, rumors indicate that the release is set for 2025, meaning that there are between 13 and 24 months left until the release. Maybe more than fans hoped for. According to sources, the team initially hoped to be ready for 2024, but had already decided to postpone the match (internally, of course) to the following year.

Then other rumors talk about the fact that GTA 6 It will not include an advanced weather systemAs some old leaks said, not because these rumors are false, but because after several attempts the team decided to put this idea aside, for reasons unfortunately unknown.

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Other rumors indicate that among Characters in the story There will also be a child, which is new for Grand Theft Auto 6. As for the heroes, we are talking about two different characters, including the woman who will be the mother of this child.

However, at the moment, they are all rumours: let’s hope that the trailer will give us answers about this. The date, we repeat, is December 5th: there is very little left.

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