Israeli defenses destroy drones and missiles in an unprecedented Iranian attack

Israeli defenses destroyed 99% of the Iranian drones and missiles that arrived at dawn and flew over the city of Jerusalem and several towns in the country. The attack resulted in damage to a military base and the injury of a girl in the Negev Desert due to the impact of shrapnel. Iran announces the closure of the attack that This is unprecedented in the history of tension between the two countries.

Israel announced that it had reopened its airspace. Naturally, it mobilized combat aircraft and ships. In addition, schools will be closed this Sunday, the first day of work in Israel, and all extracurricular activities and excursions for Passover have been cancelled.

How was the attack?

Iran launched an attack More than 300 drones, ballistic missiles and cruise missiles Against Israel Some launches were also carried out by pro-Iranian militias from Iraq and Yemen.

The IDF discovered the launch at around 11pm – Catalan time – and had a few hours to prepare and coordinate the defense with its allies.

The vast majority were drones It was shot down by American, British and Jordanian aircraft Before entering Israeli airspace.

Sirens sounded in several Israeli towns.

According to the Israeli army's own data. A military base was hit by some shellsalthough she would not have suffered as much damage as a single one A little girl was injured Remnants of one of the downed drones.

Tehran's motives

The Iranian attack comes in response to the Israeli bombing of its embassy in Damascus in early April, which killed 13 people.

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In fact, Tehran justifies this measure as self-defense.

The situation is unprecedented because there has not been any direct attack between the two countries. Iran has already sent drones against the Israeli Navy in the Red Sea, and on Saturday seized a Portuguese-flagged ship linked to Israel.

If the war finally escalates, it will be the worst scenario the relationship between the two countries has ever seen.

International reactions

US President Joe Biden met with the National Security Council at the White House to follow up on the attack and evaluate the next steps.

The United States affirmed in a statement its firm support for Israel and warned Iran against attacking American forces in the region.

Biden's goal is also to prevent the conflict from escalating further, and the main unknown now is how Israel will respond.

Celebrations in Tehran

The streets of some Iranian cities witnessed small celebrations after the attack.

In the capital, Tehran, demonstrators chanted “Death to Israel” and “Death to the United States,” and waved the flags of Iran and the Revolutionary Guards in Palestine Square in the center of the country.

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