Temporary dubbing is too bad to go viral, listen to it too – Nerd4.life

Temporary dubbing is too bad to go viral, listen to it too – Nerd4.life

A Twitter user shared an excerpt from an IGN USA gameplay video dedicated to him lies in Through it we can hear English dubbing Temporary, soul-like role-playing game next year. The quality is so low that it turns out cheerful In fact, it immediately spread.

In the video above we can see the protagonist of Lies of P, Pinocchio, running across a bridge. However, the puppet must face an enemy armed with a large saw used as a kind of sword. The opponent is expressed in English, but it is only one sound temporary dubbingas a placeholder before making the full version.

However, the sentence is pronounced like this lukewarm, especially in that “die!” (die), to be fun. We can confirm this is the temporary dubbing thanks to a statement by a Lies of P spokesperson, commented under IGN USA on YouTube.

Emphasis on dubbing Lies of P.

Tell us, what do you think of Lies of P? Aside from the temporary dubbing, does that sound good to you?

Finally, we remind you of the minimum and recommended PC requirements for Lies of P. Here are also the 3 reasons to choose Pinocchio to be like spirits.

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