The most popular motorcycle in manga has come true: it's a real racing car

The most popular motorcycle in manga has come true: it's a real racing car

One of the most innovative and imaginative motorcycles ever, and so far only existing in manga, will become a reality: here's how much it will cost

Among the many manga and anime that have been produced, there are some collections, series, and films that have left their mark more than others. Akira It can be considered one of those on Olympus: published between 1982 and 1990, with a film released in 1988, showing a cyberpunk future that captivated viewers. There is an element that becomes distinctive in the film: the motorcycle used by the protagonist, Shotaro Kanedawhich has now become a reality.

The arrival of the motorcycle Manga dreamed of –

You might think that a Japanese factory was the one who came up with this idea and took over the project, but in fact it was the work of a Spanish company. Bill and Bill, headquartered in Viladecans, Barcelona. The result is incredibly identical to the model seen in the manga, and although the first example is only a prototype, it is fully functional. For this reason, it is expected to be put into production during 2024, albeit in a limited series.

Your reservation is already open and all you have to do is leave a Down payment of 5,000 eurosthen arriving at the final price of 24,000 euros. However, it is clearly not approved for road use. This means that if someone can purchase it, they will only be able to use it on the track or on private property.

Akira's motorcycle arrives: details

It is not easy to assume the basis that was used to develop the motorcycle. However, in an interview with RideApart, one of the creators explained that a custom chassis will be used for a car Yamaha Majesty YP250while the individual backlink is a courtesy Honda VFR 800.

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Moto Akira manga
The Akira motorcycle is available in the market – (Photo –

However, almost all of the components that will be used have been created specifically for this Akira bike, which of course they are Different Than anything else on the market. The entire fairing, which strictly respects the forms of the original, is made of carbon fiber and fiberglass; The aluminum wheels are 17 inches and use racing tires.

The mechanical section is completely electric and is working on a propulsion system that integrates the motor into the wheel. There are no technical specifications at the moment, but the company is aiming for a top speed of around 120 km/h, with a range of around 100 km. It is not a very heavy motorcycle (170 kilograms), but its dimensions (wheelbase of more than two metres) and, above all, its distinctive riding position, have led to the provision of reverse gears to facilitate maneuvers. Briefly, dream It can become a lot reality: If you've always wanted this iconic motorcycle, now you can!

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