Will there be a third world war?

Will there be a third world war?

He added, “Soldiers from NATO countries are there (Ukraine). We know that. They all realize that this will put us one step closer to achieving our goal.” The Third World War is large-scale. I don't think anyone cares.” Russian President, Russian President Vladimir PutinIt is heating up the engines under the pretext or possible reason for escalating the war. After the result of the Russian elections, the Russian President responded this week in this way to the French President’s statements. Emmanuel Macron. He said last February that “nothing should be ruled out to prevent a Russian victory,” although he later had to reserve his words, but the debate had already opened: To send or not to send NATO forces to Ukraine.

After all this exchange of words, the Minister of Defense of the Spanish Government, margarita robles, He confirmed in an interview with Vanguard What'The threat of war in Europe is a “complete and absolute” reality. However, Robles stressed that the closest countries assume this scenario, but the countries to the south “we do not have this awareness.” In this sense, he believes that raising ultimatums is justified. “Civilization can be attacked by unscrupulous people like Putin.” For this reason, the Minister is committed to continuing to support Ukraine, and highlights the union between EU and NATO countries. However, during the interview, Robles showed that he did not have the same opinion as Macron. When asked about sending troops, she said she did not think that would happen because it would amount to “escalation.” He added, “Sending forces would mean a very significant escalation and even the possibility of the war spreading.” The majority position in NATO is the same as the Spanish position.

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Margarita Robles, Minister of Defense / Europe Press

There are ten countries in the European Union that have compulsory military service

Whether or not World War III will break out is unpredictable, as was the potential Russian invasion of Ukraine in its day. It is true that after In the words of Macron and Putin, there was tension and nervousness. As he remembers TelemadridThere are ten countries in the European Union that have mandatory inclination. Norway The first country to impose compulsory military service for men and women Finland Women are allowed to do so voluntarily. The same medium indicates that Lithuania is considering recruiting people who live or study abroad. It is assumed that they will be trained in the summer to be ready for the supposed war.

GermanyOn the other hand, there will be more than 200,000 soldiers on duty, almost 30,000 more than at present. Military service is now voluntary, and the army competes with other job offers to recruit individuals, as the same portal indicates. The Ministry of Education is also heavily involved in this mission. He wants schoolchildren to be well prepared for conflict situations and wants to integrate civil defense training and more military presence into schools. However, in the face of the threat of war, Robles said that “compulsory military service will not return to Spain. I don't think that has occurred to anyone.”

Digital 20 minutes It highlights that European leaders asked whether to send troops or not, said the matter was not on the table and avoided answering if, as was said in various international media, There is an unofficial person in Ukraine. But what they do is acknowledge that the situation, after two years of war, is complex and that there is an urgent need to strengthen it. In fact, NATO has announced that in the coming months it will hold STEADFAST DEFENDER 2024, the largest military exercise in Europe since the Cold War. Nearly 90,000 soldiers from all 31 NATO allies, including Sweden, will participate in this exercise.

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What does the Spanish Constitution say?

In this context of constant threats and the possibility of World War III, what is the scenario? Unpredictable, that's for sure. Although Spain has a professional army, the fact is that The Constitution stipulates in Article 30 the recruitment of citizens. As noted the reason“The Spaniards have the right and the duty to defend Spain,” so “a civil service may be established for the purposes of the public interest,” and, by law, “they may regulate—the duties of citizens in cases of grave danger, catastrophe, or public catastrophe.” However, Article 30.2 of the EU recognizes conscientious objection as a fundamental right, and therefore, according to this, forced conscription will not be permitted, explains the circular.

Although an explanation The rule regarding forced conscription of Spaniards is very broad and ambiguousThe truth is that the National Security Law, which was amended in February 2022, may allow this to happen. The same newspaper explains that although this order does not explicitly state that Spaniards should be mobilized in the event of war, it does stipulate that a strategic approach will be implemented that will fully engage civil society.

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