Built-in dishwasher, buy this washing machine and you can't go wrong: the best in terms of efficiency and quality according to Altroconsumo

Built-in dishwasher, buy this washing machine and you can't go wrong: the best in terms of efficiency and quality according to Altroconsumo

They are the best built-in dishwashers that have passed the quality tests conducted by Altroconsumo experts brilliantly.

The well-equipped and equipped kitchen also has a dishwasher, among the many appliances available. In fact, it is an essential item for those who deal with washing dishes and utensils on a daily basis. Especially if there are a lot of people at the table and therefore a large number of plates, cups and cutlery that need to be washed daily.

Altroconsumo recently carried out analyzes on different models of built-in dishwashersdecree What are the most efficient models? Both in terms of ease of loading, programs and functions, and obviously also in terms of energy consumption per wash cycle. Let's see what the results were.

The best built-in washing machines, according to Altroconsumo

If you are also looking for a suggestion To choose the best built-in dishwasher you can trust the results of Altroconsumo experts Who issued a list of the best models of these devices. To create this classification, experts took into account various criteria. Such as capacity and ease of downloading, available functions and available programs. Then the specific characteristics regarding energy consumption.

86 dishwasher models were analysed Compact lamp with standard dimensions i.e. 60 cm. And sixteen models of small dishwashers, meaning only 45 cm. The latter are space-saving solutions and are therefore suitable for installation in a small kitchen and can be perfectly integrated with the furniture.

Standard or high-end dishwashers, here are the best according to Altroconsumo -buttalapasta.it

What are the best models of built-in dishwashers that consume less consumption and give excellent results? As for the classic models, i.e. the standard size 60 cm, we get first place with a score of 73 Bosch SMD6TCX00E. draw with AEG FSE74717P. Both experts reported lower electricity consumption and higher water consumption but had difficulty cleaning crusty pots and pans.

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Then the dishwasher follows with 72 points Pico BDIN38644D. With 71 I'm there Whirlpool WIO 3O41 PL And the Electrolux EEZ69305LThis is with a negative note regarding noise. The best 45cm slim built-in dishwashers are Bosch SPV4HKX53E Who scored 62 points, tied with Hotpoint – Ariston HSIC 3T127 CIt is the best in terms of quality and price.

It was followed by dishwashers with 61 points Samsung DW50R4050BB And Candy CDI 1L949. While with 60 points Bosch SRV2HKX41E It was the only one that did not point out any weaknesses, as it had effective programs, low consumption, and was also silent.

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