He rips his car off, after which he fears it will be parked

He rips his car off, after which he fears it will be parked

Road surveillance cameras immortalize a scene that is no less than frightening, but the ending is almost funny!

It depopulates on social media Amazing video From this singular driver to say the least: before He crashes his car And then, unemotionally, he goes to Park garbage Pick-up at the white lines of the parking lot. The final video leaves you speechless, as does a file A near-fatal collision destroyed the car.

Here are the consequences of reckless driving – mondofuoristrada.it

He hardly seems to notice that he has just been in an accident The driver of this totally destroyed car then parked carefully between the strips of the free car park. The video reveals one Horrific crashBut the ending is really funny. How was the driver this situation?

Accident dynamics

this driver, Edmund motorwerkstaken from Surveillance Cameras while one evening You run into a series of trees that separate the two sides of the double track. This all took place in Oklahoma, USA, and it almost looks like a scene from an action movie in Fast & FuriousBut it did happen. What makes this more than anything else Ridiculous video is cHeart and accuracy Through which the driver finally stops the car.

there Moving The incident is completely accurate as it was filmed from start to finish and you can clearly see that Pick upin the beginning, Slide at high speedthen finish crashed into the trees separates the two ways. From what it appears at first glance, the driver must have lost control of the vehicle, without being able to straighten up afterwards.

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after the collapse, The car was badly damaged Up front, and only by a stroke of luck, the accident did not involve other vehicles on the road, as the road was almost deserted at the time.

Bittersweet ending

The most shocking thing about the whole incident is precisely that The surprisingly quiet and peaceful endingas if the car was only from behind a little bit as if Edmund They lived a movie scene. In effect, the driver regains control of the vehicle and slowly starts off in one car park To leave the wrecked car in its place.

In contrast to the rapid pace before the crash, The parking maneuver is incredibly quiet and peacefulbut also precise and precision, as if Edmond wanted to be very careful not to damage the car when he parked it. Maybe he didn’t know that he had already destroyed it? if Driving while intoxicatedthese can be the consequences of our reckless girl.

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