We wanted peace, but the West deceived us

We wanted peace, but the West deceived us

“We have supported negotiations to get out of this conflict, however A completely different scenario was behind usIn the West there was talk of peace, but they were lies. “They stalled and turned a blind eye to the lies of the Kiev regime,” the Kremlin chief told reporters who had gathered to hear him.

At stake is Russia’s very existence.

And the head of the Federation declares that “the more they use long-range systems, the more we have to remove the threat from our borders, it becomes obvious and natural.” “The goal of the West is to lead Russia to strategic defeat, they want to eliminate us forever. They don’t realize that Russia’s very existence is at stake.”

We will reject the neo-Nazi threat.

Putin again emphasizes that the basis of the military invasion of Ukraine, which after a year of clashes is still called a “special military operation”, is the desire to “defeat the Ukrainian neo-Nazi regime”. “I am speaking at a very complex and crucial moment of radical changes that will determine the future of our people. Each of us has a great responsibility: to defend our country.”

Russia suspends the START treaty

Russia decided to suspend implementation of the START nuclear treaty “because it does not allow US inspectors to visit Russian nuclear sites while the United States is determined to inflict a strategic defeat on Moscow.” “We are suspending the treaty, but we will not withdraw,” Putin emphasized. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken called the decision to suspend START “irresponsible”. there resolution from Russia It can be with that Cancellation – annulment If the United States made efforts to resume treaty functions. This was stated by the Russian Foreign Minister, citing TASS. The ministry said, “The decision to suspend the START treaty may be subject to reversal. To do this, Washington must show political will, make conscious efforts for a general de-escalation, and create conditions for the resumption of full work of the treaty,” noting that “the United States has since violated The central provisions of the treaty are grossly long.

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“Nuclear weapons? Not first.” Speaking of nuclear weapons, Putin said: “We will not use nuclear weapons first. But if the United States does, we must be ready. No one should be under any illusions, strategic parity must not be broken.” Putin, addressing parliamentarians at the Federal Assembly in Gostiny Dvor in Moscow, noted that Washington is considering nuclear weapons testing, and in this case, Russia will do the same. Then the head of the Kremlin specified that “90% of Russia’s atomic deterrence force is equipped with advanced weapons: a level that should extend to the entire army.”

“We will help the four new Russian regions and do everything possible for peace.”

At Gostiny Dvor in Moscow, the Russian president also reiterated the unilateral annexation of “four new Russian provinces: Donetsk, Lugansk, Kherson and Zaporizhia. Russia” will help these lands. Now we are back together, we are stronger and we will do everything we can to restore peace.”

“It is impossible to defeat us on the battlefield.”

“It is impossible to defeat Russia on the battlefield, so more and more aggressive information attacks are being carried out,” Putin continues. “They lie all the time, they don’t stop attacks on our culture, on the Russian Orthodox Church.”

“The more NATO advances, the more we will have to move forward”

Putin is once again pointing the finger at the United States and NATO, who are “guilty” in seeing them increase their bases on Russia’s borders. The principle of Russian security understood as extranational defense in its neighboring countries (Ukraine, to be exact) has been lost over the centuries and the Russian president never misses an opportunity to repeat it: “The further they advance, the more advanced we are to the threat from our borders.” The threat to bypass the current war zones of Ukraine caused applause from the audience.

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We are working on new military technologies.

Militarily, Russia is producing new technologies that “improve the combat readiness of the army and navy.” These technologies “are there, and the pace of their production and application is improving.”

“The Ukrainian people are hostages of Kyiv and the West”

That Ukraine is part of history and of the Russian dimension is, for Putin, an inalienable axiom. The Russian civilization itself was born in Kiev and developed from there, gradually moving north. “We are not at war with the Ukrainian people, I have spoken about it many times. The Ukrainian people themselves have become hostages of the Kiev regime and its Western masters, who have already occupied this country in the political, military and economic sense.

“They started a war, we use force to stop them”

Putin continues: “We had no doubts that in February they had ready punitive operations in the Donbass, where they had previously carried out bombings, and this was contrary to the UN resolution. They started the war, and we are using force to stop the war.” .

The response of the United States and NATO – The United States condemns the “absurdity” of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s rhetoric against the West. In a similar vein, the response of Ukraine’s presidential advisor Mikhailo Podolak, stating that the Kremlin chief “has openly demonstrated his insignificance and confusion. He has no promising solutions and will not have any. Because there are Nazis everywhere, Martians and conspiracy theories.” “No one has attacked Russia, they are the aggressors,” said NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

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Born: “Putin wants war” – Then Stoltenberg specified: “Putin is increasing his military capacity, and he does not want peace but war. Therefore, we must increase our support for Ukraine. If Putin wins, the danger will be for everyone. Russia decided to invade Ukraine and Ukraine,” adding, “We have the right to defense, we have the right to support him, and we will send more weapons.” evolved.”

Meloni: “Facts differ from Putin’s propaganda”

“What we heard this morning was propaganda that we already know, and the facts are different.” This is how Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, in Irpin, commented on Putin’s speech.

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