Giovanni Lindo Ferretti: “I was praising the intifada, and now I am with Israel: this is why”

Giovanni Lindo Ferretti: “I was praising the intifada, and now I am with Israel: this is why”

Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, former leader of the CCCP, CSI and Prf, explains today in an interview with National newspaper Who changed his mind about the conflict between Israel and Palestine. “When the Chinese Communist Party was around, I had a very ideological vision of Israel and Palestine. It is also very kind-hearted and honest, but it is entirely determined by study and will,” she told Saverio Migliari. And now he explains why he changed his mind: “I went up to Jerusalem. And just as it took a meeting to establish the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, standing in front of the Wailing Wall and the Al-Aqsa Mosque Above all, it has radically changed my perspective on that piece of the world.” In the song “Palestine” from the album “Songs of Prayers and Dances of the Second Millennium – Europe Section (1989),” he sang, “Stones scattered at the entrance to the road / guiding the steps of the intifada / anger to the arrogant.” A blessing to the righteous.”

Songs and prayers

Now he says he is very sad for the people he knows in Israel. But not only that: “I am also very sad about what is happening between Russia and Ukraine, just as I am sad for the Armenians in Nagorno-Karabakh, where I have many friends, who are never talked about. There are about 100,000 people detained, while behind them they are destroying the history of the country.” For Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, “This is the end of history and the revenge of geography. I wake up in the morning and say my prayers, otherwise how can you continue?” While “there are problems on the ground that cannot be solved by anyone’s will alone.” The war between Russia and Ukraine will never end, because there is much at stake outside the two countries themselves. The war between Israel and Palestine will never end, and it is a matter of containing it within acceptable limits. There is no solution except with God.”

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Walls and barriers

Then he says his solution: “I am in favor of building walls when necessary, and tearing them down when necessary. They are placing barbed wire barriers to prevent the spread of evil. The Iron Curtain has allowed Europe to live in peace for fifty years, something that has not happened since the Augustan Peace: this wall is majestic and venerable. We can build a wall like that there too…” Finally, regarding the killing of young people by young people: “But evil is part of man, and no five-year plan can eradicate it. And let us not forget that our civilization was also born of two fratricidal legends: Romulus And Remus, Cain and Abel.”

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