nominations and the next contestant is eliminated

nominations and the next contestant is eliminated

Thursday, March 2nd There will be another installment of Gf vip. In this article you will read previews, polls, nominations and above all the next eliminated competitor. Here is everything you need to know about Gf Vip. Among the contenders for the nomination, and therefore at risk of being disqualified from Gf Vip, the names of Antonella Fiordelisi and Edoardo Tavassi, two of the most beloved characters in the game, also stand out.

GF Vip, apply March 2, 2023: Nominations

Five contestants received the most nominations and thus ended up eliminated on televoting. around Edward TavasiAnd Eduardo Donamaria, Antonella FiordellisiAnd Sarah Altobello And Nikita Pelizon. One of these five will be eliminated.

GF Vip, applying March 2, 2023: It’s a break between Antonella and Eduardo

Waiting to find out the name of the next excluded, the final evening episode of GF Vip broadcast on Canale 5 featured the interlude between Antonella And Edward. The two found themselves at loggerheads after Antonella was able to see compromising photos of her partner with Nicole Murgia, who was eliminated. The influencer has put an end to the relationship that was born into the spotlight at home, deeming the way a person who until recently was considered her boyfriend inappropriate to do.

GF Vip, apply March 2, 2023: Polls and who will be the next candidate

That’s what opinion polls say about this telecast. At the moment, as shown on the GF Vip forum, there are among the most beloved people for this nomination Nikita And Edward Tavasi. Nikita manages to get nearly 32% of the preferences, while Tavassi crosses the 22% threshold and manages to get better than Antonella, who gets 20%. While Sarah Altobello settled with 15% of the vote in her favour Eduardo Donamaria stops at 9% and it will be like this a risk of permanent elimination.

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