Romeo Santos presents a double gift from Nadal to Barcelona

Romeo Santos presents a double gift from Nadal to Barcelona

Romeo Santos presents a double gift from Nadal to BarcelonaZoe Voeten

American artist Romeo Santos gave his Catalan fans an advanced Christmas gift over the weekend in the form of bachata and merengue. The artist gave a double presentation at Fira Gran Via in L’Hospitalet practically with a “No Tickets” sign on both datesIn this year’s two concerts.

Santos, who learned of his presence in Rosalía’s home country, began Friday’s performance with the song he recorded with the famous artist, The handkerchief. With an impeccable brown suit and a knowing smile, the so-called “King of Bachata” has been performing his most famous songs since the beginning, Make the audience go crazy with Satan, you are mine s I hate thatWhich he accompanied with another joint work with other artists, which is the famous promise that he recorded with Asher.

To show his more playful side, the American artist confronted Bebo by attacking a bottle that appeared to be old rum, While inviting the audience to think of the concert as a moment to leave fears behindto introduce other classics such as imitative, stupid s take me with you.

After leaving the stage for a few moments to put on more comfortable clothes, which gave the idea that a moment with more lively songs was coming, Santos got the attendees dancing with songs like want to drink Or the hit song recorded with Karol G, In case we come backwhich once again sent the audience into a frenzy by pairing it with wit Sex nightone of the greatest successes of the group with which Santos began his career, Aventura.

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Realizing that the audience was in his pocket, the “King of Bachata”, as he usually does in his concerts, sat on the throne to continue presenting anthems of this kind. com Helito, The loser s Tell lovewho sang in cooperation with the audience, Infidels s ObsessionHe bid farewell to the audience, who were impatiently waiting for the artist to reappear this time from the bathtub from which he emerged to present a final gift, the great success that everyone wanted to hear. An inappropriate suggestionTo conclude a night full of dancing and sensuality.

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