Jesolo/Fiber construction site sparks controversy over damage to science plant – Giornale Nord Est

Jesolo/Fiber construction site sparks controversy over damage to science plant – Giornale Nord Est

Jesolo – “The entrance to the gallery by Fabbrica della Scienza obliterated me on a construction site, and seized the cars of my staff who were forbidden to leave the car park, during the intense days of the carnival, when I was waiting for groups of visitors, creating a maze for those who wished to enter the entrance and cause serious damage to the image As many potential transient customers believe the showroom is closed for business.
It was enough to postpone the construction site for 48 hours since the opening period of the fairs every day for the Carnival ends on March 3rd.”

This is said by the owner of the exhibitions of La Fabbrica della Scienza and Tropicarium Park, Monica Montellato, who was disabled this morning at 9 by a road construction site for the installation of fiber optics for direct pedestrian access to the science fair at 123 Aquileia Street in Jesolo.

“My clients, on their carnival days” Montellato explains, “have to get past the barriers amidst the dust, the dangers and the noise of wheel loaders and air hammers in action.”
He adds that “serious damage to the image” discourages visitors who intend to enter the exhibition with their children in masks, not to mention that in this way they have confiscated the cars of my employees who cannot leave the parking lot near my work. . “.

Since the early morning, the owner of the science fair asserts that she has tried in every way to interact with the business contractor, to speak with the construction manager, and with the municipal administration, and has asked the trade advisors, Alessandro Pirazzolo, and to the public works, Roberto Rogolotto asks for an extension of at least 48 hours for the opening of the construction site , in order to avoid this situation, which would cause financial damage.

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“I have not received an answer yet, except that the works will end on the evening of March 2, as there is only one day left for us to close” Comments Montellato “At the moment only the protests of visitors entering the gallery receive I have decided to put signs of apology at the barriers they were forced to cross by crossing the site The entire building.

“I have nothing against necessary business such as laying fiber optics planned for some time” explains Montellato “but no sign has been posted on Via Aquileia in recent days to warn of the massive inconveniences that could have occurred today with the business.
I also think that the municipal administration can agree on dates of construction sites with activities along Via Aquileia, to inform entrepreneurs of the schedule and duration of works.

In Jesolo since 2016, we have invented cultural tourism in the winter period, giving prestige and promoting the coastal city for years, among other things by paying the rent of the exhibition venue to a municipal investor company.” He concludes “for these reasons” I think the management can choose Other times to open the construction site without hurting my activities because we have a few major periods of influx of visitors during the winter like the Carnival, as you know, will you wrap up on Tuesday with Shrove, to extend the party a few days for the scheduled floats parades.”

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