It's a real mystery, fully revealed

It's a real mystery, fully revealed

Peugeot finally presents its new scooter: it has been talked about for some time, but has remained largely a mystery. Let's find out what it would be like!

Marketing also consists of mystery and gimmicks that pique the interest of enthusiasts without revealing too much. Peugeot is certainly exploiting a strategy of this kind in the launch of its new scooter, which is set to be one of the most interesting motorcycles of the year, not only for its performance. In fact, even at the design level, this two-wheeler aims to generate a lot of discussion And attract more and more people interested in its characteristics.

Peugeot –

The historic French company, which is now part of the Stellantis group, has only released concept images for now. Just these few pictures It was enough to spark many discussions among experts and enthusiasts, especially regarding the old and unusual style of this car. In fact, we need to go back to the 1970s to find something similar, with another historic vehicle designed by Peugeot.

If anyone remembers the bike, call 103, which was marketed at the time in 50 and 70 cc versions, will certainly see its lines again in this new creature from Transalpine. This bike was very successful among young people fifty years ago, but it is clear that apart from the basic inspiration, Peugeot's new concept has clear differences. Starting from the fact that, in this case, we are facing a two-wheeled electric bicycle.

Peugeot presents the SPx Scooter, a new scooter between the past and the future

The appearance of the SPx, from what can be seen from the images circulating, is actually quite modern, angular and unusual in shape. The front suspension features stiff trailing arms, but it's above all else The huge battery compartment is located at the top of the scooterTo attract attention. Also because this stone was removed in some photographs, giving rise to different hypotheses about its real use.

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The new SPx scooter from the French company (Peugeot Media Press)

Certainly what can be said at the moment about the Peugeot SPx is that we know almost nothing about it. The production company did not reveal There is still no information about the technical specifications With his two-wheeler, so we don't even know the details of the electric motor. All information will definitely be revealed in due course. However, it is known that the SPx will have an aluminum frame and 16-inch Michelin tires will be fitted.

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