GTA 6 revealed the actress who plays the hero of the game? –

GTA 6 revealed the actress who plays the hero of the game?  –

L ‘an actress Alexandra Echavari said she was working GTA 6 in shoes a hero From the game, Lucia: The information comes from the IMDB profile of the woman and reports on the new episode of the Rockstar Games series that will be released in 2025.

Not a particularly well-known face in film or television, Echavarri has been involved over the years in Several short filmswhile in 2021 he was part of the cast of the action movie “Attraction to Paris”.

Alexandra Echavari

As you remember, the GTA 6 leak confirmed the two heroes, male and female, as well as their names: Lucia and Jason. At the moment there is no information about who will play the role of the male character.

If you know the products of Rockstar Games, you will know that they always rely on actors with special abilities, who present on the screen very intense and honest interpretations, the quality of which has always been recognized even with prestigious awards.

As for the exciting leak of GTA 6, which revealed something like ninety videos taken from an unfinished build of the game, Rockstar Games has ensured that there will be no delays due to what happened.

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