Will Alfa Romeo 33 come back to life? The pictures are scary

Will Alfa Romeo 33 come back to life?  The pictures are scary

The Alfa Romeo 33 is one of the models that made the history of this brand the most, and now there is a version that makes fans dream.

trade mark Alfa Romeo She is always very snubbed by the media, due to the amazing masterpieces she has created throughout her history. The house in Ares, now part of the collection stellantsis going through an important transition, given the choices that are made regarding the future, that will take it away from its origins.

Alfa Romeo (AdobeStock) – Tuttomotoriweb.it

The goal, in fact, is to fully electrify the range by 2027, which means real work. In fact, Alfa didn’t even have a hybrid model in the interior until just over a year ago, when the Tonale SUV was given an electric drivetrain, along with a combustion engine part. Times, as we well know, change for everyone, but the masterpieces of the past are not forgotten.

One of the most beautiful creatures from Alfa Romeo is certainly the 33 Stradale, the estimated price of which is today 4 million euros, compared to only 18 samples made. In the following lines, we will reveal a reinterpretation, in fact a faithful version, of this wonderful car. The work was incredible.

Alfa Romeo, here is the 33 Stradale by MAT

At the gates of Turin, on the Cerrina di Rivalta track, which is like a kart track,Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale signed by matany Automotive industry in TurinOr a replica of the amazing Alfa Romeo car, built in 12,000 hours of hard work.

Alfa Romeo 33 Dream Matt
Alfa Romeo 33 MAT on display (Instagram) – Tuttomotoriweb.it

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All this was done at the request of a wealthy German customer who ordered its construction. The project was created by the former engineer of Pininfarina Paolo Jarellaand there were quite a few hurdles to overcome before the launch of the car was formalized, which had to cover many kilometers of tests during its preparation.

The engine is a 2600 cc V8, which comes from Alfa Romeo Montreal, where many works and restorations have been carried out. In fact, the petrol direct injection system was removed, the gearbox assembled and reassembled several times, in order to find the best possible position.

The coloring is great too, with a kind of red vine that gives it the coolness of the past. In short, it is a real masterpiece, which will certainly please the customer who ordered it to measure. The price, as you can imagine, is really insane, but given the hard work that went into this model, it’s for everyone.

According to estimates, We are talking about a figure between 1.3 and 1.5 million euros, which allowed German collectors to save a lot compared to the original model, which is now worth around 4 million euros. This 33 Stradale is now revamped again, and we’re sure the new owner will enjoy it to the fullest.

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