“A historic opportunity, but there is no dialogue with the Russians as long as they are on our lands.” Explosions in Berdyansk

“A historic opportunity, but there is no dialogue with the Russians as long as they are on our lands.”  Explosions in Berdyansk

Russian ambassador in London: “We still have to act seriously”

Russia has warned that Western arms supplies to Ukraine risked escalating the war to levels never seen before. Andrei Kelin, Russia’s ambassador to the UK, told the BBC that his country had “enormous resources” and still needed to “act very seriously”. Kelin warned of a “new dimension” in the war, stressing that Moscow “has not yet begun to act” at its full potential, because “Russia is 16 times the size of Ukraine.” He said that the duration of the conflict “depends on the escalation of the war and the actions taken by NATO countries, in particular the United Kingdom. Sooner or later, of course, this escalation may take on a new dimension that we neither need nor want. We can make peace tomorrow.”

Kiev: advance another 450m to some sites near Bakhmut

Ukrainian forces managed to advance another 450 meters in some locations near Bakhmut. At the same time, Kiev said it had noticed a decrease in Russian activity toward the city. This was reported in a television program by the representative of the Eastern Group of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Sergei Cherevaty, as reported by Rbc Ukraine. “During our counter-attacks, our units managed to advance 350-450 meters in some locations,” Sherivati ​​said, adding that the Russian attacks are “far below the enemy’s behavior in all the previous months.” There is still an active intensity in terms of firing at our positions.

Podolyak: “A neutral Ukraine is not possible, we must be part of NATO”

“A neutral Ukraine is not possible, because today we are, and that did not prevent Russia from attacking us.” We must be an integral part of NATO – he added – because Europe must build optimal security and today it is understood that only Russia can lead the war in Europe and NATO must protect Europe. Then the region Demilitarization on Russian territory, then the European Economic Area of ​​which Ukraine is a part and then a return to international law: these are the basis for talking and just ending the war.”

The Russians are shelling the Zaporozhye region, and a woman is killed

The Russian army again bombed the Zaporizhzhya region, hitting Holypol and Novodanilevka and killing a 73-year-old woman. The complaint comes from the region’s military administration, which explains on Telegram that the woman was “in her yard” when she was killed. Overall, the Zaporizhia administration claims that the Russians “targeted 16 peaceful towns and villages,” carrying out “108 attacks” in one day on this area.

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New explosion in Russian-occupied Berdyansk

Today, a powerful explosion occurred for the second time in the Russian-occupied Berdyansk region. This was reported by Rbc Ukraine, citing local Telegram channels. Footage from the city is being published on the Internet, showing a thick cloud of smoke rising after the new explosion, while information is being circulated that there is a Russian occupied base. According to Rbc, the military administration of the city of Berdyansk reported targeting Russian positions, possibly in reference to this new explosion.

Podolak: “The first steps of the counterattack have begun”

Preliminary operations have already begun to pave the way for a counterattack against the Russian occupation forces. This was stated by the adviser to the Ukrainian President Mykhailo Podolak in an interview with the Guardian newspaper, explaining that it is “a complex process and it is not a matter of a specific day, date or time. It is a process of continuous unemployment and some of it is already happening, through the destruction of supply lines or warehouses behind the lines.” Zelensky’s advisor added That “the intensity is increasing, but it will take a long time,” and he predicted that as the counter-offensive gains momentum, there will be more incursions into Russia by Russian rebel groups, such as the raid in the Belgorod region earlier this week.

Kuleba: My counterparts in the European Union reject China’s proposal

Diplomats from Warsaw, Berlin, Paris and Brussels do not confirm that Chinese Special Representative Li Hui has expressed a request to leave the occupied Ukrainian territories to Russia: this was stated by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba after the Wall Street Journal revelations. “I immediately contacted my colleagues in those capitals that he visited, and none of them confirmed that there were any declarations or negotiations even regarding Russia’s recognition of those territories that Russia currently occupies in Ukraine,” Kuleba said during a video broadcast. , taken from UNIAN

Moscow, if Kiev wants peace, give up NATO and the European Union

Ukraine should relinquish membership in NATO and the European Union and return to neutral country status Non-alignment: It is one of the conditions for the success of the peace process Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Galuzin in an interview with TASS. The senior diplomat noted that Russia’s approach to resolving the conflict in Ukraine remains the same and involves “defending the population of Donbass, disarming and discrediting Ukraine, and eliminating threats to Russia’s security arising from its territory.” “We are confident that the agreement will only be possible with the complete cessation of military actions by Ukrainian forces and supplies of Western weapons. In order to achieve a complete, just and stable peace, Ukraine must return to its status as a neutral and non-aligned country, enshrined in the 1990 Declaration of State Sovereignty, and refuse to join NATO and the European Union.” He added that protecting the rights of Russian-speaking people and ethnic minorities is a key component of the peace agreement.

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Towards the NATO-Ukraine Council for “strengthening relations”

According to ANSA, the Atlantic Alliance is likely to offer Kiev the creation of a NATO-Ukraine Council as a tool to strengthen political ties and support the multi-year military assistance plan being considered. In effect, the Council would allow Kiev to participate in a more in-depth manner in the work of NATO than could be done with the current Commission. Some allies, especially on the eastern side, are pushing for a clear timetable for Ukraine to enter NATO as early as the Vilnius summit, but there is currently no agreement on this point among the 31.

China: “It will make concrete efforts to find a political solution to the Ukrainian crisis.”

China “will make concrete efforts to find a political solution to the Ukrainian crisis.” This was stated by the Chinese government’s envoy for Eurasian affairs, Li Hui, who served as ambassador to Russia between 2009 and 2019, during a meeting with Moscow’s head of diplomacy, Sergey Lavrov, according to a statement published by the Chinese Foreign Ministry. “China has always followed the purposes and principles of the UN Charter, maintained an objective and fair stance, actively promoted peace talks, decided its position on the merits of the same issue, and always firmly stood for peace and dialogue,” Li explained to Lavrov during yesterday’s meeting.

Kiev: “There is no dialogue with the Russians as long as they are on our lands”

“There is no force that can force Ukrainian society and the ruling leadership to talk with Russians today, as long as Russian troops are on our territory,” wrote the head of the Ukrainian presidential office, Andriy Yermak, on Telegram.

Explosions in occupied Berdyansk after the Zaluzhny Declaration

A few hours later, a video of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine appeared Valery Zaluzhny Which alluded at the beginning of the counter-attack to the occurrence of explosions on social networking sites in the area Berdyansk It is occupied by Russian forces: in particular, the most powerful explosions were heard in the city center, in the port area and in the centers of Khimik and Vesna, in the village of Novopetrovka, which hosts “a large number of Kremlin troops.” This was reported by the Ukrainian media that publish videos.

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Ukrainian army commander: ready for counterattack

“It’s time to take back what we have.” These are the words of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Valery ZaluzhnyCommenting on a video posted on Telegram that includes a prayer for the liberation of Ukraine. Bless our decisive attack! An “amazing video” dedicated to the liberation of Ukraine from Russian invaders. In an interview with the BBC, one of Ukraine’s top security officials, Oleksiy Danilov Meanwhile, the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council announced that the country was ready to launch a counterattack that might happen “tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or a week later.” He added that the Ukrainian government “cannot afford mistakes” in the decision because it is a “historic opportunity” that “we cannot afford to lose”.

Hundreds of Germans are forced to leave Russia, and high diplomatic tension between Moscow and Berlin

Hundreds of German civil servants are forced to leave Russia, including diplomats, teachers and employees of the Goethe-Institut. But this is not necessarily the end of Moscow’s diplomatic escalation,” wrote the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, titled “Moscow’s Diplomatic Declaration of War.” Russia reduced the number of employees of German enterprises in the country to 350.

Kiev: “The Russians are firing missiles at hospitals… Yes to the Vatican agreement, but on the condition that Moscow withdraws.”

“Missiles are raining down on hospitals here. Talking about a compromise now will only lead to more deaths in Ukraine.” Zelensky’s advisor, Mykhailo Podolak, told Corriere della Sera. Regarding the Chinese proposal – recognition of the territories occupied by Russia – he repeated: “The ‘peace formula’ envisages as a first step the complete removal of Russian armed groups from the territory of Ukraine within the 1991 borders.” He continued, “It is clear that we will not support any option regarding territorial concessions. The so-called “settlement” scenarios will not lead to peace but to a continuation of the war and a significant increase in terrorist pressure on Ukraine. But not only. We will see further militarization of Russia and new attacks on other countries. On the other hand, if the Holy See had a different vision, it would, unfortunately, only deepen the crisis and provoke more aggressive measures on the part of Russia.

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