Live Streaming Italy – Dominican Republic 3-0, FIFA U-20 World Cup Live Streaming: Ambrosino and Casadey duo lead the national team to the Round of 16!

Live Streaming Italy – Dominican Republic 3-0, FIFA U-20 World Cup Live Streaming: Ambrosino and Casadey duo lead the national team to the Round of 16!

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22.07 Thanks for watching and see you on the next live stream!

22.05 here report cards:

Italy: Desplanches 6, Turicchia 6, Ghilardi 7, Guarino 7 (70 Fontanarosa 6), Giovane 6, Prati 6 (46′ Lipani 6.5), Faticanti 6 (70 Degli Innocenti 6), Casadei 8, Baldanzi 7 (85 Pisilli 6), Pafundi 6 (46, Montefago 7), Ambrosino 7.5.

Republic Dominican: Valdez 6.5 (85 score Boesl 6), Ciriaco 6, Jungbauer 5, Martes 5, Boatwright 5.5 (78 score 6 over), Montes 6, Martin 5, Alvarez 5, Yambatis 5 (78 Schmidhauser 5), De Pena 6 (24 , Vasquez 6, 85, Martinez 6) Cueva 5.

22.00 Italy convinces, catching the coveted pass to the round of 16, Casadi’s brace and Ambrosino’s goal make the decisive goals. Round of 16 likely against England on Wednesday 31 May. In fact, England should not lose to Iraq by more than 4 goals to go.

98 ‘ The match ends, Italy – Dominican Republic 3-0 U-20. Italy qualifies for the round of 16.

96 Beseley touches the fourth goal.

94 Italy runs the final minutes.

92 Six more minutes of extra time.

90′ outside Alvarez and Valdez, at Bossel and Martinez in the Dominican Republic.

88′ outside Palenzi, within Biselli, Italy.

86 Italy – Dominican Republic 3-0 U20.

84′ Degli Innocenti misses the door with his right foot.

82′ Kasady sends it high with his right foot!

80′ directed by Joseph and Boatwright, in Moore and Schmidhauser in the Dominican Republic.

78′ Cross from Turicchia who did not find Ambrosino in the area.

76′ A neck full of Danzi, Valdez still ready.

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74′ Baldanzi left foot save.

72 ‘ Italy calmly controls the game.

70′ within Degli Innocenti and Fontanarosa of Guarino and Faticanti in Italy.

68 The arrival of other alternatives to Italy.

66 Dominican Republic Trying to throw themselves forward.

64′ Offside goal due to Baldanzi’s passive stance, calls for maximum use of VAR.

62 goal disallowed in Montefago.

60′ Baldanzi stops before firing in front of the goalkeeper.

58′ Cassady header on a cross from Turicia.

56′ If it all ends like this, the opponent could be England in the next round.

54 Italy – Dominican Republic 2-0 U20.

52′ Montefago hits the crossbar with his right foot.

50′ inside Libani, outside Prati in Italy.

48′ outside Bafundi and inside Montefago, Italy.

46 The second half begins!

20.51 Italy that plays well but does not find the exact score to close the match, the second half that promises to be decisive also for the available changes.

See you soon for recovery!

49 ‘ First half ends, Italy – Dominican Republic 1-0 U20.

47′ There will be two more minutes of extra time.

45′ Baldanzi saves Valdez from distance and saves in two runs.

43′ Ambrosino finds no one in the penalty area.

41′ Yellow for Pafundi, do it in the left lane.

39′ Pafundi tries the play and the defense blocks the young playmaker’s attempt.

37 Giovanni cross blocked.

35 Dominion of Italy who wants the double.

33′ Fault in an attack by Kasady.

31′ Gilardi warned that he will miss the next round.

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29′ Another player from the Dominican Republic has a physical problem.

27′ De Pena is out due to a muscle problem.

25′ outside Pena, inside Vasquez in the Dominican Republic.

23 ambrosino almost doubles.

21 Gooooooooooooooool, Casadei, head finds the right angle in the near post, Italy – Dominican Republic 1-0 U20.

19′ Baldanzi engages Valdez again from a tight angle.

17 ‘ Dominican Republic who in no way raises the pressure to prevent Italy from playing well.

15′ Italy, who now dominate the game.

13′ Pafundi finishes off a long-range shot for Valdez.

11 ‘crossed Ambrosino who did not find Cassady.

9′ directly around Ambrosino, who did not commit Valdez.

7′ Shot by Montes, rejects the blue defence.

5′ De Pena yellow card, do it to Baldanzi.

3 ‘The pitch is not in perfect condition, Italy is trying to control the match.

1, start the game!

19.55 The national anthem is in progress!

19.50 in five minutes entering the field of the elected.

19.45 In the national team of the Dominican Republic, Alejandro Martín and Montes are undoubtedly among the most talented.

19.40 Italy lost the previous match against Nigeria after a good debut against Brazil who lost 3-2.

19.35 Nunziata continues to focus on his dual attacking midfielder with Baldanzi and Pafundi.

19.30 A crucial game for Italy’s trip to the competition, only a win is required.

19.17 Here they are formations officers:

Italy: goes down[عامة]Turicchia, Ghilardi, Guarino, and Young; Prati, Vaticante, Casadei; Baldanze. Pafundi, Ambrosino

dominican republic: Valdez. Ciriaco, Jungbauer, Martes, Boatwright, Montes, Martin, Alvarez, Yambatis, De Pena, Cueva

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19.15 Good evening and welcome to the live coverage of Italy-R.Dominicana

Hello OA Sport friends and welcome to LIVE LIVE text Italy – Dominican Republic, the U-20 World Cup, the decisive challenge for Italy.

Italy U20 He started with a decisive victory over Brazil, winning 3-2 thanks to an exceptional brace from Cassady and a decisive goal from Prati. Despite the initial momentum, Nunziata’s side were beaten by Nigeria in the second group match, 0-2. The Italian national team will now face the Dominican Republic. Nigeria currently leads Group D with six points, while Italy and Brazil each have three points and the Dominican Republic have no goals. The next match will be decisive for the Azzurrini’s continuation in the championship.

match: Italy – Dominican Republic U20
date: May 27, 2023
hours: 20.00
TV channel: Ray Sport and Rayplay.

Possible lineups

Italy U-20 (4-3-1-2): goes down[عامة]Zanotti, Gilardi, Guarino and Torricia; Drudges, Bratty, Cassady; Baldanze. Esposito, Pafundi.
representative. Dominican U-20 (4-3-3): Xavier Valdez; Israel, Alex Ciriaco, Kleffer, Guillermo De Peña; Angel, Yordi, Vasquez; Junior Manuel Peralta, Anilo Gomez, Derek Cuevas.

OA Sport brings you live Italy – Dominican Republic U-20 World Cup U-20 2023: Real time news and continuous updates. Departure at 20:00. Good fun!

Photo: La Presse.

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