What a waste it is to throw away extra vases: if they are reused in this way, they turn into something unique for the home

What a waste it is to throw away extra vases: if they are reused in this way, they turn into something unique for the home

If you also have vases at home that you no longer use, don't throw them away, recycle them in this fun way.

The art of recycling has caught everyone's eye now. Now it is difficult to get rid of something, before doing this you need to immediately think about what it can turn into. Reusing objects and furniture items helps us above all to develop our creativity and reduce pollution of our environment.

In this article we will talk about art Recycling ceramic vasesOr other materials, whether for interior or exterior. It often happens that they are struck and broken during casting or due to impact. But instead of throwing them away, you can give them a new life, in a fairly simple way. In this case You have all your creativity at your disposalAll you have to do is have fun and think about what you will turn your vase into. So below you will find many new ideas to copy.

It is very important in this case that you take inspiration from our advice and then use your imagination as well. So what are you waiting for?

How to recycle broken vases or ones we no longer need

You have some broken vases of different sizes at home and your first thought is, “I'll throw them in the trash.” No problem, you can always try converting it to Creative compositions. Very creative and scenographic compositions can be created. Example? The large broken pot can also “host” smaller pots, each with a plant inside. This way you can create a kind of Miniature village.

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There are many ways to recycle vases that are no longer used – Biopianeta.it

Some broken vases can be transformed into gods Cute candy holders: You can use two, a larger one to put upside down and a smaller one to put on top. You can decorate it however you want, like a cute little angel or a bee, and after painting it you can put your sweets inside.

You can always turn it into a centerpiece or… Like a bread holder: In this case, after cleaning the vase well, you should take some threads and glue them to the top. However, some cloth should be placed inside.

Or you can also use it Like a blackboard: Your kids will love this idea. What you will need is only the chalkboard and white acrylic. After washing the vase frequently, you can paint one part white and the other part with other paint.

This vase would be perfect to write on with colored chalk and also to remind us of what we have planted and what we are waiting to be born.

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