Antonio Speranza gets new recognition

Antonio Speranza gets new recognition
Antonio Speranza, President of the Duchess Lucrezia Borgia National Observatory, has added another prestigious recognition to his already illustrious path in the field of culture and regional promotion. The award ceremony was held on Friday, October 13, 2023 in the “Opera Don Uva” conference hall in Pecelle, in the presence of a panel of experts, the President of the Italian Archeoclub, Professor Luigi Palmiotti, and the Mayor of Pecelle, Dr. Angelantonio Angarano.

Speranza, a native of Biscelli and a civil servant, is known for his commitment to social issues and culture. In 2012, he founded the observatory dedicated to Lucrezia Borgia, the illustrious Duchess and Regent of Ferrara. This new recognition, the third of this size, was granted “to strengthen the figure of Lucrezia Borgia in the cultural and scientific field, to benefit from authoritative scholars, and to promote the region of Picelli and Puglia at the national and local level.” international level.”

Speranza’s track has already received important awards, such as the “Concert for Peace” in 2019 and the “Don Tonino Bello International Prize” in May 2022. The latter received the “Human Rights, Civil Rights and Social Commitment” award. Esperanza was praised for his meticulous cultural activity both in the city of Biscelli and at the national level, and also received praise and congratulations from the godmother of the party, the writer and sociologist Antonella Pagano.

President Speranza has consistently demonstrated an exceptional commitment to promoting culture, history and regional identity, which has greatly contributed to the valorization of Biscelli and its historical legacy. This latest honor is another recognition of his dedication and exceptional contribution to society.

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