June 7, 2023

Hardwood Paroxysm

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‘What Paulo Bonolis has put in his head’, a big issue in Mediaset – Libero Quotidiano

What was broadcast by Canale 5 during this period is causing a lot of discussion on social media Come to another oneLed program Paulo Bonolis. Assuming the show was taped months ago, the fact remains that some editing work might have been done to avoid controversy, given that Bonolis and Luca Llorente at one point both wore the classic Soviet headdress.

An image that many viewers did not like, obviously sensitive to what is happening in these dramatic hours, as Ukraine had to face the Russian invasion ordered by Vladimir Putin. A small case surfaced on social media and might have been avoided, even if it was just a distraction, given that the episode was taped months ago.

Speaking of another Avanti, more “trash” and therefore less dangerous which was previously broken by the so-called Queen of the Web, one of the characters in the program. At one point, Bonolis was severely accused: “It is she who offends people by profession …”. The conductor immediately stopped her and kicked her out of the studio, as tension escalated: “I don’t offend anyone, I offend myself when I make her work here.”

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