Sorry, I can’t talk about football

Sorry, I can’t talk about football

Football is backing down from what is happening in Ukraine. Pavel Nedved, visibly shaken by the war waged by Russia, cannot retreat from live TV and speaks with eyes sparkling with emotion.

Passionate Pavel Nedved on Live TV as he talks about the war in Ukraine.

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Pavel Nedved His eyes are bright. He doesn’t really want to talk about football at this very delicate moment at the international level due to the escalation of the war crisis. He does this but he is tormented, he does not hide his emotions. Visibly moved, he bends his gaze and places his hand on his head as if to support it for the weight of the thoughts that fill him. He apologizes for that moment of confusion but the news and photos from Ukraine shocked him. “For me it is difficult to talk about football and focus 100% – the words of the Juventus director at DAZN – because I feel what is happening in Ukraine. I am a man from the East, I feel close to the people of Ukraine because I grew up there. No one deserves to suffer, no one He deserves war and nobody wants it.”

Russia invaded the country and launched a barrage of missiles into the capital, Kiev, to wipe out the defenses. Civilians are on the run: women and children head to the border to save themselves, and the men and boys remain in the city to fight. One cannot remain steadfast in the face of all this. The international community has begun to dominate the sanctions against Putin and Moscow. No one can predict what will develop the situation. The world of football has already taken a very strong position: there was no Champions League final in St. Petersburg (it was moved to Paris), Poland and Sweden refused any play-offs 2022 World Cup qualifiers against Russia.

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Polish goalkeeper and Juventus Chesney, He also posted a very clear message on Instagram: It’s a matter of conscience as well as affection, and his wife is Ukrainian – he says – “Ukrainian blood also flows in my son’s veins.” During the interview, Nedved also discusses this aspect. “We talked about him a lot and I share his thoughts with him. When he touches you in person it is difficult. The coach asked him to play and now he answered. I understand very well the difficulties he is facing. At the moment, thinking about football is difficult.”

The last thought devoted to his federation, the union of the Czech Republic, was followed by the “Poland number” of the Scandinavian Confederation. Nedved expects there will be an official version of his national team as well. “me Wait until he takes the same step. Do not know what they are waiting for. Both Poland and Sweden have rightly stated that they will not play with Russia, and the Czechs should do the same.”.

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