Events in Latina and its province

Events in Latina and its province

Autumn in Ponten County is mild, the days are shorter but it is always fun to be outdoors and enjoy events, excursions and different types of initiatives. As always in Latina and its province, for those who want to have a good time in an original way and relax, there are plenty of options. If you don’t already have plans, here are some suggestions.


There will be many events this weekend celebrating the region’s excellent produce, history and more. In Sermoneta there is a traditional re-enactment of the Battle of Lepanto, while a historic car race between Valvecchiolo and Bassiano is remembered, in Roccagorga the symbolic autumn fruit is celebrated with a strawberry grape festival, while in Aprilia it is celebrated in the street. Food with international street food. Autunno alla Landriana, an event for gardening lovers, takes place in the magnificent Landriana Garden.


There are also many excursions, guided tours, walks and workshops to learn more about the cultural places, museums, gardens and parks. Among these exhibitions are the F@mu Famiglie al Museo exhibition in Pereverno, again for adults and children, a nature tour is planned in Mola della Corte in Fondi, guided visits to Sermoneta on the occasion of historical re-enactments and the last weekends of openings of the Ninfa Garden and the Garden Landriana.

Culture and live entertainment

The LeggiAmo la Città literary festival begins this weekend with the screening of La Fabbrica by Rossana Carturan. At the Baronial Castle of Mainza, every weekend in October you can watch a dramatization of horror stories in the Castle of Horrors.

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There are several ongoing exhibitions in our province, among them: the personal exhibition of American artist Gabriele Sayedati at Monte 8 Gallery, and the personal exhibition of Mariana Scuderi at Omni Art Open Air Gallery.


For movie lovers, the last of the Visione Corte Film Festival is scheduled to take place this weekend, while the Fondi Film Festival continues. For all those who prefer to enjoy a good movie in the magical atmosphere of the cinema, diverse new releases and films for all tastes arrive in the extensive programming of the Pontine Cinemas.

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