Orita Berti preparing for the “Brawl”? Revelation removes

Orita Berti preparing for the “Brawl”?  Revelation removes

Orita Berti is preparing for the “Brawl”, the singer has no doubts about what awaits her: here is her announcement.

The singer continues to be one of the show’s great heroes and in the upcoming TV season he will once again be the center of attention for a new adventure.


We are talking about Big brother Vip chosen by Alfonso Signorini to be one of the commentators Who will support him on the long journey that awaits them for several months in Canale Cinque and which certainly will not be easy to take home.

However, his concern is about something completely different that has to do with the fellow with whom the big task must be shared live: his announcement left everyone speechless. That’s what he said.

Gf Vip Orietta Berti is ready to challenge Sonia Bruganelli

Orita Berti As already announced, she will be one of the opinion leaders in the upcoming Big Brother with Sonia Bruganelli confirmed for a second year by the owner.

If there were many discussions in the latest issue with Adriana Volpe, it cannot be excluded that the same fate may also affect the Italian singer, who admitted in her last interview with the weekly Chi: “Ah, why, is there also to fight? I thought we could only discuss with competitors.” still: “with Sonia It will be different, everyone has their own way of seeing things..

Her confession was really disturbing and she was not afraid that she was also ready to fight, Like it happened with Sandra MeloDespite the friendly personality that has always distinguished her since her first appearance and who asks her about the possibility of participating in the reality show Canale Cinque, as one of the competitors responds: “VTo see all these people locked in the same place for a long time. With the character I have, I won’t succeed. And then, even when I travel, at least one person in my family must be with me, in the same room. But I also understand that those who live alone, and don’t have a family, can sometimes feel better at home than outside.”

Anyway, the cast that will compose the new Vippos is still a work in progress, because the conductor and journalist are actually getting ready for September as the first episode of the episode begins today. will start. It really promises to be crackling season.

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