Whoever criticized Manskin, spitting from the stage infuriated the crowd

Whoever criticized Manskin, spitting from the stage infuriated the crowd

Empowered to revolutionize the idea of ​​rock music in Italy but not to disdain those who support him from the premiere, Manskin frontman Damiano David spits on the floor during a concert and unleashes the wrath of a wide range of detractors. This gesture, strongly condemned by those who believe that the freedom of music should be respectfully respected and taken up by a fan, has gone viral on the Internet. The video, which went viral, raises an important question: Is it possible for a mold breaker to cross the bounds of common sense? Sorry, users commented: “We support the band, but this video sucks.”

Damiano David, once again, has ended up in the eye of the storm. the reason? Unrestrained spit ended up at the bottom of the platform. The singer and leader of Maneskin, the hit group that lights up rock and roll fans’ evenings, is losing consensus and pissing off many of the band’s fans. A gesture accompanying a disorderly performance by force or an unfortunate and unacceptable choice?

The video, which depicts the front man gleefully spitting, is the result of the foursome’s pro interest. Just when the concert is about to end and one of the last songs in the lineup is cheering the crowd on, behold, the 24-year-old sits on stage, looks down at the floor, throws up more than unpleasant spit, and smiles sarcastically. All of this happened within a few centimeters of the fans positioned in the front row. Bad Thinking Review Or Just Bad Taste? This depends on your point of view.

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However, in the meantime, users on social networks are not standing still, and the climate of disapproval is seen from their tweets. “I am a fan of Maneskin, but this video disgusted me”, “It was a sterile thing, he could have saved himself”, “This bragging was so tiring”: these are some of the comments that appeared on the net . Still no response from the singer. Perhaps silence is the wiser solution.

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