Abstinence for a long time? Here are the negative effects according to the science. – Uniba

Abstinence for a long time?  Here are the negative effects according to the science.  – Uniba

Not having sex for a long time brings no benefit, and even abstinence can have negative consequences for health, mind, libido, and ego. Also, the body and mind can age faster. To understand the importance of sex, it is important to consider the negative effects of prolonged abstinence on the heart, mind, libido, and overall health.

Here’s what happens.

The immune system weakens

Abstain from sex if it continues for long periods It makes us sick frequently And more easily.

having sex and feeling pleasure, in fact, Strengthens the immune system Therefore, having sex at least once a week will help the body form antibodies and be healthy.

Increased stress

Abstinence can worsen the psychological state.

The positive effect of sex on mood and the psyche in general is beyond doubt. Indeed, during the sexual act, the brain releases endorphins and oxytocin, the latter known as the “hormone of happiness.”

Stopping sexual activity can cause a sharp drop in levels of oxytocin and serotonin, another hormone important for happiness.

Thus, having an active sex life is equivalent to an increase in the production of endorphins and serotonin, and an improvement in one’s emotional state, one’s empathy for others, and one’s self-esteem.

On the other hand, not having sex for extended periods increases your risk of experiencing stress, mood swings, and anxiety.

What happens if you do not have sex for a long time: You may start to suffer from insomnia

Insomnia is closely related to sexual abstinence due to oxytone, the hormone that is released in huge quantities at the moment of peak pleasure, orgasm.

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In addition to being the hormone responsible for happiness, Oxytocin also has a very strong calming effect, such as helping you fall asleep better and faster.

And also for a more intense, deep and restful sleep.

The vagina loses its elasticity and lubrication

Not having sex or having little sex significantly reduces the risk of developing cystitis and other bacterial diseases, but at the same time Making love trains and strengthens the vagina at the muscular level.

Saying goodbye to sexual arousal for a long time means losing muscle tone, just as it happens to those who suddenly stop exercising in the gym.

It may also occur Lubrication problems due to low estrogen Precisely because it is the excitement that prompts the vagina to moisturize.

And that dehydration from sex has little risk of causing cystitis anyway. The disappearance of the feature with which you opened this paragraph.

The pain is felt more

Having sex helps you feel less physical pain. The endorphins produced at the moment of orgasm act as powerful natural analgesics that allow you to tolerate physical pain more, increasing the pain threshold by at least two or three degrees.

Minor pains, such as those related to menstruation and headaches, will be perceived more subtly, with a lighter intensity.

If you have been in prolonged abstinence, it is very likely that your tolerance for physical harm will drop to an all-time low.

The skin is less radiant

Sex is good for the skin Because it causes the production of estrogen, which provides more collagen, which makes the skin more elastic, youthful, fresh and radiant.

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Not only that: sex is an excellent gym, physical exercise that burns a lot of calories and sweats a lot.

Sweating opens the pores and “washes” dirt out who is trapped in it.

As if that weren’t enough, hair and nails also improve.

Abstinence reduces sexual desire: the less sex you have, the less desire you will have

Too little sex can lead to a dangerous vicious circle: Decreased or stopped sexual activity can lead to decreased libido.

In fact, the less sex you have, the less you want to have it. This may seem illogical, but it depends on the effect of the hormones that are released during sexual intercourse.

In the absence of these hormones, the need for a satisfying sex life is mistakenly perceived: one might think that he could do without them, but in reality the desire is more and more reduced.

However, this can have negative consequences for your health, skin, psyche, mood and life in general.

Sex trains the body and the brain

We have already mentioned that sexual intercourse is equivalent to a gym session in terms of burning calories and strengthening muscles.

It is, in fact, a physical activity and therefore improves the cardiovascular system and allows you to burn calories (And it’s more fun to do than on a treadmill…)

But it’s not just the physicist that benefits: the brain, too. Sexual activity develops neurons in the hippocampus, a part of the brain that plays an important role in long-term memory and spatial orientation.

Thus, not making love for a long time affects not only the aging of muscles, body and skin, but also the aging of the brain..

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