Men and women, Ida Platano is in love again? Finally he reveals everything: “I…”

Men and women, Ida Platano is in love again?  Finally he reveals everything: “I…”

In the past few hours, the lady of men and women Ida Platano has broken the silence regarding her emotional state: this is what she said.

Ida Platano After the end of this latest version of men and women He no longer wanted to add anything about what happened in the past few episodes with him Ricardo Guarnieri. In fact, we remember that the two reunited but things didn’t go in the right direction and as the couple’s fans had hoped. At the end of the program, they had a heated discussion that led to the final break.

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After what happened, there are those who believed that the Knight of the Throne would not return again in September starting with the next release. Or even that the editorial staff no longer contact him. But according to the latest rumors from the Menedonneclassicoeover Instagram page, Ricardo can come back. We determine that these are rumors at the moment and nothing is certain. At this point, it is not clear which one will return to the throne prayer ranks or both. but at the same time, What Ida Platano revealed in the past few hours on social media about her current emotional state?

Men and women, Ida Platano admits that she …

Lady men and women in the past hours Breathe on social media Regarding the unwarranted criticism and the offenses he continues to receive, including against his son. Therefore, today he wanted to denounce the offensive and offensive comments by reciprocating through Instagram Stories. But in concluding his speaking to the haters, he advised them – with a veil of sarcasm – to make love with their friend, partner or spouse. While she doesn’t have it, she can’t. These are his words:

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Make love if you have a boyfriend, husband, or partner… I don’t have one, so I can’t.

And that’s how fans noticed it Reveal the details at the same time Which everyone has always been very curious about, that is, if she is currently engaged or single. And apparently, for now, there will be no new love on the horizon.

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