Who we’ll see in the studio, Mediaset turned out

Who we’ll see in the studio, Mediaset turned out

shift a Mediaset he served. nothing Myrta Merlin In a place Barbara D’Urso to afternoon 5, with related controversies at a distance. It will be above all network 4 To revolutionize especially with regard to political talks in the evening. It will debut on Tuesday night Bianca BerlingerArms and baggage were taken to Cologne from Ray 3.

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Always early in the evening, but on Monday, from this evening it will turn Nicholas Boroughthe real ruler of the schedule: in fact, it is the journalist who will drive first Italy tonightafter receiving the wand from Barbara Palombelli that after years of his addiction on the small screen, he would “just” deal with it. forums, can not be touched. After the first night, Boro will continue to rage at the Fourth Republic, that’s for sure. Boro’s New Adventure a Italy tonight Broadcasting all week: “New studio, graphics reminiscent of hard news Americans and editorial to Mosul in the beginning – they confirm Newspaper -. The right choice to be as a commentator Philip VaseyAt the center of intense controversy (for an essay on the case of La Russa Jr) which led to the cancellation of his show on Ray 2 even before you start.”

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Pierre Silvio Berlusconi Much is expected of Berlinger, who will re-suggest the canvas White papers With a slightly updated title, It is always carte blancheand the vivacity ensured by her glamorous and controversial guests, from Mauro Corona to Alessandro Orsini And Andrea Scanzi, with a very high percentage of “fighting”. I come back on Wednesday night Mauro Giordanowith him out of the core In a new location specifically to make room for Berlinger, Thursdays are the fixed point Paul Del DePio with Front and back (Sure enough it doubles on Sundays from Sept 17th to Oct 22nd). Something new will once again worry Stasera Italia: after the Friday evening entrusted to him Gianlogi Nuzzi with fourth gradeThe program returned in a weekend version with, on top, Augustus Menzoliniwith a program focusing primarily on politics.

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