Invasion of candy stores | War in London, Italy flourishes | What is happening?

Invasion of candy stores |  War in London, Italy flourishes |  What is happening?
Because a lot of candy stores are opening. (street food news)

Even in Italy, more and more candy stores are opening, which is a common situation throughout Europe, but the war on candy stores started in London.

If there is one sector that does not seem to be affected by the economic crisis, it is certainly the sector candy which he recorded in 2021 An increase in trading volume by about 12.4%. Not all profit in fact, production costs have also gone up for these industries but despite all that we are talking about Increase in package sales That is 8.8%, with a total sales of 375 million euros in Italy alone.

This estimate was announced by the Italian Food Federation, and going into detail, it turns out that Gummy candy sales It increased by 10.4%, soft candies increased by 13.9%, but the largest growth was recorded by filled hard candies +18.7%.

On the other hand, desserts for generations born between the eighties and nineties They are the gateway to memories, a bit like a young Madeleine Proust. Many declare it Buying candy brings back childhood memories And to their grandmothers, who never lacked it, at home or in the bag.

at the bottom of The dessert tradition in Italy It is very old and there are brands that have continued to produce the same qualities for over a century, albeit with more modern equipment. How can we forget the Rossana candies, which today still account for 30% of total sales, or the delicious Mousses from the Elah Defour Novi collection, or the timeless Lyon candies.

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Candy war in london

In this scenario, it may not come as a surprise Opening of new shops selling candy exclusivelybut in England this work seems to have attracted the attention of inquisitors.

The alarm came about a year ago when the famous record store Oxford Street HMVthe place where the first Beatles records were sold, closed its doors to make room for the publicAnother candy store. In fact, it seems that London’s famous shopping street has been literally invaded by candy and sweet shops.

Candy shop Candy shop in London
Why did London declare war on candy stores? (street food news)

Candy shops in London are a state of affairs

Someone must have gotten suspicious to see me Sweet shop next to international brands or even in their place. So it came to Westminster City Council.

On the basis of the accusations there will be a suspicion of closely related opaque properties Hong Kong investment companies and British real estate giants. This raised suspicions that the booming business could be directly traced back to Organized crime and money laundering. For now, it still needs to be proven, but London may soon have to deal with a new scandal.

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