Delia Duran reveals Alex Bailey’s mask? / “Video in the desert a year ago”: responds…

In spite of Get out of the scene From home, Alex Belli returns to let Big Brother Vip speak for himself, the occasion is the new live broadcast on February 24, 2022 on Canale 5. Unexpectedly, the actor does not participate in the show and an exclusive clip is shown containing images depicting Alex in the middle of the desert which It suggests that Billy decided not to accept the invitation to participate in the live broadcast, preferring to study GF Vip Direct flight abroad.

Delia Doran from homeand thus takes advantage of it to cast shadows on Billy, presenting an entirely different reality. But in the end, it is the person in question who breaks the silence of absence and does so by mentioning ‘silence’. So what is the truth?

GF Vip, Alex Belli absent in the studio: Delia Duran’s surprise

As mentioned, the new TV appointment of GF Vip 6aired on February 24, 2022 on Canale 5, unexpectedly Alex Bailey Be very absent in the studio among the guests. In the House, fiancée Delia Duran vie for the final win with second contestant Lulu Hailé Selassié.

That specifically indicates his absence Alfonso Signorini: “We know you don’t miss Alex, our valued viewers, but we’re still looking for him.” It is no coincidence that the conductor announces shortly before the introduction of advertising space. Next, the helmsman shows a clip prepared by the actor as a dedication to the first finalist. The video immortalizes Billy outdoors enjoying the scenic beauty of the desert.

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Alex Bailey Reveals Mask By Delia Duran: What Happens Before The GF Vip . Final

When watching the strange photos Alex Belli al . shot GF Vip 6Which at first glance suggests that the actor is absent from the reality show for a trip to Morocco, Delia Duran Cast a shadow on the betrothed. In fact, he states that in fact the video dates back to last year and in the meantime Alex shares the clip via social media sites in Egypt, complete with a description of the divination. Dedicated To the betrothed, and in it references to his recent return home, which marked their closeness and the end of the triangle with Sully Sorge: “Having spent so many words, and used up energy, I want to let the silence of the desert speak and regain my strength. Always with you my love”.

On the sidelines Mailviewers do not hold back on the most contrasting comments: “Without you the house is boring, Alex”; “Bravo, stay in the desert”; “You are not in good shape”. In short, at least for the time being the actor chooses to take root in the silence of the “desert”, choosing to be absent from the reality show. but, this is not every thing. between Instagram Stories The actor now focuses on the necklace he wears in the curious video of the desert, which holds the wedding promise ring he ties in with a surrogate and symbol of Dirac’s equation: “If two systems interact with each other for a certain period of time and then are separated, then they cannot be described as two distinct systems, but rather they become one system. In short, Alex now seems to be saying one thing with Delia. Could he soon bring back a GF Vip, with a new twist?

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