The truth about Gigi D’Alessio: “I was generous and betrayed …”

The truth about Gigi D’Alessio: “I was generous and betrayed …”

The relationship between Gigi D’Alessio and Anna Tatangelo is still at the center of a storm. After two years of separation, new statements have arrived and this time it is Gigi D’Alessio who is speaking. His confession blows everyone away.

Gigi D’Alessio is one of the most important singers on the Italian music scene. He is appreciated by the public for his spontaneity, as he is the author of major hits such as Amor, never tell him, a new kiss, love on the phone and Annarè.

Gigi D’Alessio has always had a strong passion for Music, so much so that from an early age he experimented as a self-teacher studying guitar and piano. D’Alessio then graduated in age At the age of 21 he was appointed as the official pianist of Mario Merola.

Embark on a great solo career 26 million records sold. with the song Never Tell Him D’Alessio managed to win Sanremo in 1993 as a precursor to a series of hits that would make melodic music history. However, her success did not stop only in Italy but also reached abroad: Gigi D’Alessio has performed live in America, Australia and various cities in Europe.

from the point of view of love, Gigi D’Alessio has lived an eventful life. After many years with Carmela Barbata with whom he has three children, he joined forces with the famous singer Anna Tatangelo, with whom he has another son, Andrea.

also with women, The relationship ended after ten years of love. But now, Gigi has found love again Denise Esposito, a young woman 26 years younger than her. He and Esposito had another child, his fifth son, Francesco.

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Gigi D’Alessio’s statements on TV

Although years have passed since the end of the relationship with Anna Tatangelo The media hype around their story never ended. This is mainly because the actual reasons for the breakup are not revealed at all.

It is known that the two tried several times to keep the family together, but after several attempts to stay united, They have chosen to take different paths.

The singer was recently a guest on the TV show Da noi… Loose, where he spoke in 360 degrees about his life and personality. And in this regard, he made some rather controversial statements that could be aimed at a specific person.

This is what he said:I consider myself a very generous person and give of myself to others, which is why I was betrayed.”

A somewhat ambiguous phrase which according to some may be referred to as accurate To his ex-partner Anna Tatangelo. If this is indeed the case, we’re all curious to see what Sora’s singer might respond.

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