What he said about me breaks my heart.

What he said about me breaks my heart.

Mara Venere, In a long interview with the people, It reveals very impressive details Maurice Costanzo The great journalist who died in a Roman clinic on Friday 24 February. With her fellow host and journalist, the Domenica In presenter had a close and privileged relationship. Venier recalls that she first met him with her ex-husband Jerry Calla and Gatti di vicolo miracoli several years ago.

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He adds a detail, or when was the last time he heard from his friend before his death: “Three weeks ago, he had his usual voice,” he reveals. Moreover, Mara Venier narrates that after Costanzo’s death, when she spoke about him, there were many people who approached her saying: “You don’t know how much he loves you“. “I do broke my heartI loved him too. In our profession, we meet many people, but only with some do we establish a relationship of respect, humanity and affection.”

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Then Mara Venier spoke about it sunday in This led to 14 releases until breaking the record for Goofy Bodo: “This show is my weakness, I can’t give it up. What I do makes me proud. Every week is beautiful, exciting but also tiring. It just so happens that I say enough, I dropped out of the season, but the ratings sunday in They show me the audience’s love. And I don’t want to let him down, he’s the source of my energy.”

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