who took care of Archie in England

who took care of Archie in England

Harry and Meghan are still talking about the Netflix series. The Sussexes, for example, have revealed who the nanny who took care of Archie in his old life in England was and the special thing is that she is a very different woman than Maria Borrallo and William and Kate’s nanny.

the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Solemnly said goodbye to Royal family For more than two years, and now they are not afraid to reveal the secret details of their old court life. They did just that in the Netflix series that launched a few weeks ago, where they told their whole love story, from the first Secret dating to me marriageEven The birth of children. The two have often made references to William and Kate Middleton, and have not hesitated to declare that they remain very formal even away from the spotlight. The differences between the couples are also explained by their choices regarding nannies: here’s why.

Archie had a different nanny than George, Charlotte, and Louis

Maria Borallo, nanny of George, Charlotte and Louis, is now famous all over the world: she studied pedagogy in Spain, graduated from Norland School in Bath and is now a ‘proprietary’ nanny. In addition to knowing how to sew, cook, and deal with children’s tantrums, she also learned to avoid the paparazzi and protect herself with martial arts, all without giving up her Mary Poppins costume. In a word, besides him, the young heirs to the throne are completely safe. When Harry and Meghan lived in England, they did not want the same nanny as their brothers-in-law, for baby Archie they preferred someone less formal. Who is he about? By Lauren Kumalo, an African-American nurse who worked for the National Health Service.

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Who was Archie’s first nanny?

Born in Zimbabwe, Lauren Kumalo has a very different approach, studied pediatric nursing at London South Bank University, specialized in neonatal intensive care at City University London, and worked for a long time at Portland Hospital in London, the hospital where Meghan gave birth to little Archie. Compared to Borrallo, she is certainly simpler and more realistic and proof is the image of her shared in the Harry & Meghan series, where she appeared in a casual outfit with Archie held across her shoulders along with a colorful African scarf. “I got a phone call, they told me that Prince Harry and Meghan wanted to see me offer to sponsor Archie. I replied, “Wait, I have to sit downThese were the words the nanny commented at the moment she began cooperating with the Sussex family. However, when she entered Frogmore Cottage, all her fears were gone: she understood that Harry and Meghan were very handy people, capable of making her feel completely at ease in any situation.

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