There is a call for the L’Oréal Italia Prize for Women and Science

There is a call for the L’Oréal Italia Prize for Women and Science

streetSubmissions are open for the 21st cycle of the L’Oréal Italia Prize for Women and Science, Made with UNESCO. Female researchers under the age of 35 who work in the fields of Life Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering and Technologiescan apply to the site By January 27, 2023. Up to 6 scholarships of €20,000 each. The program has so far awarded 106 female researchers in Italy to help them carry out their research programmes.

The 2022 edition of the L’Oréal Italia Prize for Women and Science

The L’Oréal Prize is the largest and most important national edition L’Oreal-UNESCO Program for Women in ScienceBorn in 1998, the first prize is reserved for female scientists. Each year, the five laureates, one from each continent, receive a $100,000 scholarship. An important boost to research and development in a sector where women are still struggling to establish themselves and resist stereotypes. Despite their efforts, Women researchers in the world make up 33 percent of the totalLess than 4 percent of science Nobel prizes have gone to women, and in Europe, only 11 percent of top positions are held by women. There remains a long way to go.

L’Oréal Italia Award for Bridging the Gender Gap

«We were one of the first countries to launch a national version of the programmesays Emmanuelle Gaulin, President and CEO of L’Oréal Italia. “We are honored to be able to contribute to bridging the gender gap that unfortunately still exists in scientific disciplines. We look forward to nominations from the brilliant minds who will help shape the future of scientific advancement.”

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The Italian jury consists of 11 university professors and experts, namely Chaired by Lucia FutanoResearch director emeritus at the National Institute of Nuclear Physics.

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