Here’s how to get it and what you can spend it on –

Here’s how to get it and what you can spend it on –

The extension of the mobile bonus is no longer to 5,000 euros, as previously envisioned, but to 8,000 euros. The cuts have therefore been reduced compared to the 10 thousand euros envisaged for 2022. Thank you A modification to the maneuver was approved by the Budget Committee Which raises the deductible spending limit for 2023 and 2024.

What you can buy: Green furniture and appliances

In detail, the purchase amount of furniture (but also large green appliances) in case home renovations for which one could ask The 50% deduction for expenses rises from 5 thousand euros (according to the first formula made in the 2023 maneuver) to 8 thousand euros. It should also be remembered that until December 31, 2022 they are still due the old furniture bonus (more generous) €10,000 only for those who have made purchases by 2022 and indicate business started in 2021.

Mobile Rewards, how it works

Designed to support those who work from home, Bonus furniture and appliances that have been dedicated by the owners of the property that is undergoing renovation of taxpayers in Italy. It is a 50% Irpef deduction obtained by indicating the expenses incurred in the tax return (Form 730 or Income Form for Natural Persons). Revenue agency writes in Guidelines On Bonus: The rebate is only due to the taxpayer who benefits from the rebate for the costs of restoring the building’s heritage. For example, if only one of the spouses bears the expenses of renovating the property and the costs of furniture by the other, the gratuity is not due to either of them. The discount must be calculated on a maximum amount of 8 thousand euros for the years 2023 and 2024, Including transportation and assembly costs, and must be distributed in ten equal annual installments. Payment must be made by bank transfer, debit or credit card. On the other hand, bank checks, cash or other means of payment are not allowed, revenue explained.

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Documents to be kept

To claim the bonus, all payment information must be kept. So: bank transfer receipt, transaction receipt (for payments by credit or debit card), debit documents on the current account, invoices for the purchase of goods, which show the nature, quality and quantity of goods and services obtained.

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