“Painful Divorce” The flaming revelation of the inevitable end

“Painful Divorce” The flaming revelation of the inevitable end

Only Loredana Lecciso during a deep interview decided to make some incendiary statements about marriage.

Among the most talked about showgirls in the world of entertainment in our country, it is impossible not to mention Loredana Lecciso, although her career was not much appreciated, the ones that made her appear on the front pages of all news magazines. It’s been pink for decades Troubled relationship with one of the most famous singers of the Italian music scene, Albano Carisi.

The love story with the singer from Celino San Marco, which has lasted for more than 22 years between drama and emotions, public opinion is always divided, there are those who love the couple madly and Who never understood that Albano could not find love with Romina Powerwhich is still a very hot topic capable of inflaming the souls of all lovers of the two.

Although they have shown over the years that their husband is resistant Even the darkest and most complicated times a relationship can go throughthere are still outstanding issues are the same Loredana decided to confess with an open heart During an in-depth interview with Nuovo Weekly.

Among the many criticisms that fans of the couple Albano Lecciso cannot absorb is why after so many more years They did not decide to drown and marry, Just getting into that speech, Loredana made a revelation that left everyone speechless.

Loredana Lecciso, a tortured story with Albano

Although Loredana Lecciso and Albano Carrisi have been in a long love story for more than twenty years, Between the two there were periods of deep crisis, That with the passage of time and the strong passion that keeps them connected, they manage to overcome it, moreover, their history has always been highly criticized due to the interesting difference in age between them, it is a difference of 30 years.

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But despite that, they also managed to get past all the gossip that led to their breakup for this very reason. Their story begins in a simple way, there is no love at first sight, they know each other while they are out of school to pick up their children, and there is a strong understanding between them over time It turns into a love from which two children also arrived.

Over time, there was Strong moments of crisis and in a recent interview published by LoredanaThe woman tells of a situation that does not leave much hope for the masses.

Loredana Lecheso

Albano. inevitable divorce

As everyone knows, Albano Carisi was married to Romina Bauer and then he decided so firmly Don’t want to take anyone else as a wifemade the same statements which leave no doubt on this matter, “Marry me again? I’ve already done it. Marriage in life is enough. Marriage was beautiful but then came the painful divorce.”

Confession leaves Lichisu very little hope of marrying the famous singer, A case he did not accept at first, In fact, he admits, “A few years ago I missed marriage”, Only over time she also accepted this option and now, on the contrary, completely agrees with her partner, declaring that she does not need a party to unite.

Loredana Lecheso

Those who had hoped for a marriage between the two would have to resign, Their relationship is solid and strong, after the dramatic divorce of Albano, there will be no more marriage.

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