Carles Santos, hero of Barcelona's cultural spring

Carles Santos, hero of Barcelona's cultural spring

The multifaceted work of the musician and artist from Vinaros (maestras) Carles Santos shines in the cultural spring of Barcelona through a program in different forms organized by the Free Arts Center of the Joan Brosa Foundation in collaboration with the Filmoteca de Catalunya and the Barcelona Music Museum.

The initiative, called Primavera Santos, celebrates its production with the Carles Santos exhibition. Now, What?', the central part of the programme, which includes around 200 works. This is the result of the investigation into the life and work of the creator from Vinarosa conducted by Ona Palo and Elena Lassala. The Music Museum proposes two activities on the personality of the musician and will present the “Carles Santos” Filmoteca. “Musical Thought in Cinema” with several performances.

The exhibition was created based on the testimonies of people with whom Santos had contact and had access to material awaiting cataloguing. Ballou and Lasala have delved into the artist's life and creative processes, delving into key stages of his career to reflect on the influence Santos had on his contemporaries and how this also influenced the musician's work.

The bar and spaces C and B of La Brossa, the Liberal Arts Center, show the different faces of Santos and all the artists who entered into dialogue with his thinking to build collective works.

The exhibition presents a wide range of musical scores, photographs, scenic elements, audio material, film fragments and interviews. It includes the poets Eduard Escovit and Albert Roig, and the art historian Paloma Sabio, who read the texts “Bona nit, soc jo el piano” (c. 1974), “Decidet” (c. 1991), “Cobwebs” A little information and something else. (Vegasantos-Vagotrope Programme, 1996); “Proposing the Argument” (2003), “Silence” (c. 2004) and “The Evidence” (2006) by Carles Santos.

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In addition to works by Santos, the exhibition includes pieces by Dorothy Sills, Joan Logue, Marilena Roque, Pere Portabella, Joan Miró, Joan Pons, Miquel Bargallo, Barbara Held, Josep Aznar, Pau Ros, Josep Ros Ribas, Phil Koerner, and John. Cage, Pilar Emmerich, Esther Zargay and Jordi Colomer, among others.

Image from the exhibition dedicated to the artist Carles Santos. What Now?” at the Prusa Foundation's Center for the Liberal Arts | ACN


“Carles Santos. What now?” This is made possible thanks to the collaboration between: the Free Archive of the Free Theater of Barcelona, ​​the Leopoldo Bomis Archive, the Miquel Bargallo Archive, the National Library of Catalonia, the Documentation Center and Museum of Performing Arts, Filmoteca de Catalunya, Films 59 and Fundació. caixa vinaros, hammock, barn, macpa. Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona, ​​LOOP Barcelona and RTVE.

Music Museum

As part of Primavera Santos, the Music Museum proposes two activities around the personality of the musician. On the one hand, “Atles Santos”, a creative project within the framework of the Creativity and Museums Program of ICUB, in collaboration with the Center for Liberal Arts of the Joan Brosa Foundation, by the artist Neus Macedio. Masdeu is in the process of creating and researching it. And to another, “You know how to play the piano.” Effects of Carles Santos.

Film Library of Catalonia

Filmoteca de Catalunya presents “Carles Santos”. Musical Thought in Cinema, a series of performances that can be seen during the month of May 2024 at Filmoteca. Among others, the following short films by Santos will be screened: “The Meal” (1967) directed by Carles Santos and “LA-RE-MI-LA-FA-RE-MI-DO-RE-FA-DO -MI” -FA -RE-ME-FA-ME” (1979).

On the other hand, Primavera Santos will be complemented by “La Xarxa Santos”, published by the publishing house of the Barcelona City Council and with a presence at the “Inaudit” music festival sponsored by Lluís Nacenta. The range of activities will continue throughout the spring of this year.

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