A jump in gas (+21%) whose yield is more than 32 euros per MWh. The first weekly increase since last March

A jump in gas (+21%) whose yield is more than 32 euros per MWh.  The first weekly increase since last March

They are closed with an extension A 21% rise in a hot week for gas pricesI returned to the top 32 euros per megawatt hour On the reference market in Amsterdam. Compared to Monday, the increase in bids is about 35%, the weekly increase More distinguished since last August The first since last March. These are values ​​far from the stratospheric peaks reached last September (more than 300 euros), but they do indicate a crucial point. turn around Compared to the declines of the last period, which pushed prices below 20 euros, to return to historical values. Economic downturn was favoured European inventories data which remains high (about 70% of storage capacity) after a mild winter, especially in central European regions. Moreover, signs of an economic slowdown are alarming Not a particularly intense question in the coming months.

However, some marked the week Accidents in Norwegian factories And we are entering the hot season, when the use of air conditioners greatly increases the consumption of electricity (also produced by gas). Another worrisome element is that with the prices so low, Fleets of ships carrying liquefied gas You may prefer destinations other than European ports. First of all, Asia where above average heat waves are expected for this period. What does this mean for household bills? Not much at the moment, given that the week has been marked by strong price volatility and that’s it anyway Values ​​returned to higher numbers just a few days ago. To be clear, it cannot be ruled out that there will be a new price drop in the next few days. However, the benefits of declines in recent months have practically been wiped out by a decision Meloni government To remove concessions that were offered during the most acute phase of the energy crisis.

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