Advance men and women 04/22/22

Advance men and women 04/22/22

new episode of men and women. To provide us with previews of the date we will see in a few days Channel 5 was the gate Classic men and women and more:

jewel I went outside with Giacomo The acquaintance is easy between the two.

Then he sits in the center of the study Vincenza With Bruno And another knight, Xavier. With the latter the lady complains that he tried too much for “physical contact”, while she wants to wait.

to Ida Two boys are coming down and I decided to keep one (maybe it’s his name Matthew).

Tina went against again Idasays a lot in her opinion Ida Still in love Ricardo. Columnist says the latter now Ida He wants to meet a new character, to try to get away from her and not invite her to the dance.

Ricardo One of the ladies is leaving.

Biagio Known Katia FranchiIn the second issue there was a problem. Biagio He wanted to take the lady to dinner at a pizzeria next to the chip and she didn’t go well, in the sense she would have liked to go to “higher, more subtle places”. The two argue fiercely.

There was a procession of women.

Luke’s throne: Aurora After he left the studio on the last recording, he went to illustrate with Luca And get outdoors together. Outside with headphones I gave him a message. She provokes Luca She says if she wants to kiss him and when he says yes she refuses. in the studio Gianni She attacks Aurora, saying that she is underestimating everything too Armando Intervene against the suitor. Luca In all this he was very angry.

secretly Interfering from somewhere Leila He didn’t say anything.

from a throne Veronica There was no talk.

Here are the other curiosities the Mole gave us:

Luca quarrel with Aurora And I went. At the end of the last recording I went looking for him and wrote him a message saying good things. Now in the opposite episode. They argued. Luca So nervous, a little bit with everyone, e Aurora she is gone.

Biagio quarrel with Katia Franchi Because she told him he was poor. He treated her badly because he made her eat pizza by the slice while promising her sushi. He said it was fake, a liar. So their presence is over.

Ricardo make a phone call Glory On Easter good wishes. But then she put her like in a post praising her, but they both denigrated Ricardo who – which Ida. Was disappointed. She said “But do you live for Instagram? Get a life“You don’t care anymore. Ricardo.

Tina Trapped Ida And she started crying because she was in second place Tina She is still in love Ricardo.

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