Who is General Sorovikin, whom Putin “gave command of the war” (and blown up the intelligence chief Zelensky) – Corriere.it

Who is General Sorovikin, whom Putin “gave command of the war” (and blown up the intelligence chief Zelensky) – Corriere.it

According to the British 007, Moscow was going to ask General Dvornikov to leave command to Sorovikin, a veteran of the war in Syria, while Politico talks about the change taking place in Ukrainian intelligence.

Russian President Vladimir Putin He got positions in the Donbass and yet – according to London – he would not be happy with the military hierarchy. To the extent that field operations are assigned to a The new commander, General Sergei Surovkin.

The news, however, is all to be confirmed.

A few days ago, details emerged about a series of changes. He flies General Mikhail Teblinsky appointed to command the Airborne ForcesIt is a move associated with heavy losses in the fighting in the east. His predecessor, Andrei Serdyukov, could not adequately manage the recruitment of precious soldiers.

Then, the General Staff decided – perhaps – a more radical turning point: General Alexander Dvornikov, in office for a few weeks, was to leave the reins to Sorovikin who always works side by side with the Deputy Minister Gennady Zedkosent to the front to revive the army.

Sorokhin, 55, headed the Air Force, created a new military police, but his big advantage was the behavior of mission in Syria. The management of the unit could have achieved positive results by tightening the grip on the country devastated by the conflict. Success would have increased his prestige: in fact, there were those who even assumed prestigious positions, including first place in defense. A promising career for a veteran with experience on the ground accompanied by some Negative note on behavior. However, nothing spoiled her rise.

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Mindless ideas can represent reality, but they can also be mixed with propaganda. In every army there are special changes in critical sectors and therefore it will not be a surprise. At the same time we must remember the rumors – baseless – about the chief of staff Gerasimov Suffering a heart attack, deprived of power, he is sent into retirement. Apparently always on top.

And after the first phase of the invasion, Putin himself was also said to have intervened to make war-like judgments, as if he were a general himself. An intervention motivated by the difficulties of an exhausting war is marked, for the time being, by progress on the part of Russia.

Even in the Ukrainian sphere there is no shortage of problems. Site analysis Politician
reveal it President Zelensky can dismiss intelligence chief Ivan Bakanova character he has always trusted as a longtime friend and collaborator. The Kyiv government will blame him for the grave mistakesEspecially the lack of decisive action to stop the invaders a Kherson.

The agents on site had not taken the necessary measures, including destroying the bridge. They also appeared The complicity of some senior security officials Favor the enemy by providing details of defenses, minefields, and safe passages.

In parallel, the Ukrainian authorities subsequently revealed the existence of A network created by a local deputy based on the inspiration of GRURussian military service. The collaborators would receive large sums each month to facilitate the planned Russian invasion campaign.

Here too we are talking about predictable scenarios, the obvious aspect is that these stories appear now, when the attackers score successes in the East, so there is also a need to indicate the alleged perpetrators, that is, someone who pays.

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