Companies that will pay employees the costs of dealing with them in other countries

Companies that will pay employees the costs of dealing with them in other countries

Shock first, then roll up your sleeves. Within hours, American women began responding pragmatically to the historic decision of Supreme court that after 49 years it abolished the constitutional right to abortion. While anti-abortionists sang victory and thanked God for the victory, pro-choice advocates began paying contributions and making voluntary offerings to associations that would ensure aid to beleaguered women in republican and evangelical states that since yesterday have closed all access to it. Voluntary interruption of pregnancy. Money to finance the trip Those who need to terminate a pregnancy were already created when the document was leaked over the winter, but yesterday they were inundated with standard contributions. A number of notable companies immediately confirmed that they have also included a full flight refund guarantee to get an abortion in their medical insurance packages. It is impossible to list all those that appear in the list, but only summarize some of them, from Netflix To LeviStrauss from Disney To Sony, from Tesla to JPMorgan ChasAnd the. Half of American workers are women, most of whom are still of childbearing age, and the companies involved agreed that forcing them to have unwanted pregnancies would not only go against women’s rights, but would also be a losing option for the companies themselves.


president Biden She said yesterday that she will order the Department of Justice to ensure that the rights of women who want to travel to seek abortions are not hampered, which is possible given that some of the most extreme in its anti-abortion belief will also impose travel bans outside state borders to seek abortion elsewhere. For this reason, there are regions of the country that are more liberal, self-regulating, somewhat similar to what happened at the beginning of the epidemic. Northeastern states like New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts pledge to welcome and help women from oppressive states, all huddled in the South and Center. At the other end of America, the governors of California, Oregon and Washington have signed a multi-state commitment to reproductive freedom, pledging to protect women who seek help in their three states. The three conservatives pledge not to cooperate with repressive states if they demand the arrest of women who have fled for abortion. A California Action Support Fund is also being set up to help cover the logistical costs of the trip as volunteer associations commit to providing hospitality and assistance to immigrant women from anti-abortion and oppressive states such as Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi and Missouri. or Alabama.

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words of anger

Yesterday, many women leaders’ voices expressed in panic and anger: “This harsh sentence is outrageous and heartbreaking. But make no mistake: In November we will vote for the rights of women and all Americans,” the Speaker replied. Nancy Pelosi. former first lady, Michelle Obama He said the decision was “horrific” and “should be a wake-up call, especially for young people… If you give in now, you will inherit a country that looks like you and none of the values ​​you believe in.” Hillary Clinton He spoke of “a step backwards for women’s rights and human rights”. Vice President Kamala Harris said: “We have to fear for many other rights. We have always dreamed of expanding rights in our country, and now we must stand together to defend them, beginning with the right to freedom and the right to decide for ourselves.” Even in the world of entertainment and culture, the reactions were alarming: “We have fought for many decades for the rights of our bodies,” the popular singer wrote: “Today’s decision denied us.” Taylor Swift. Liberal Senator Elizabeth Warren, for her part, launched a proposal to President Biden that could cut the legs of the most restrictive states: to allow in those states to open abortion clinics on federal land or buildings. Shortly after Warren made this proposal, other members of the Senate supported it.

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