Permanently deleted, what changes now for who used it?

Permanently deleted, what changes now for who used it?

Android Auto is permanently deleted, what will happen now to those who used it? Google has already found a solution to the problem.

Google is abandoning Android Auto but the alternative is ready – google maps

Android Auto arrived in end of its historyCome on United States of America safelyThe app has been permanently deleted. In fact, a lot has already begun Uninstall itSince I started now disable it. What does this mean? It simply means that a fileThe app will only be found in the car’s infotainment systemIt will not be available on mobile. to cautionBecause if you don’t have a screen on your phone, Google has already found a solution for you.

Let’s take a closer look at this new gimmick from Google

What will happen now thatThe app will be disabled? Nothing reallybecause when the server is down, GGoogle will take care of sending you to the settings page itself. here you can Configure your vehicle’s couplingI, obviously, The steps are well explained, Step by Step. This will be explained to you immediately The new system only works for car screens. The question arises that I do not have a screen in my car?

I am using google maps
The new Google app on the car screen –

If our car It does not have a screenis being rest assuredbecause you can use manual mode Google Assistantwhich is actually Produced in 2019And the Launched in 2021. But now there was a file Real restylingBecause it will surely come Many people use it. Google Assistant is not an appbut she linked service to apply Google Maps. We can see it as Map updatebecause those who do not have a screen on the car, this is indeed.

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So how does it work if we don’t have a screen on our car?

How will this service work using Google Maps? very easygo to the dark bar and press the bottom right button, so you can activate it via, voice command. Once Used the first timeyou can create a file Link to include it on the home page. there The job remains the same as before That is, it makes us call and send messages, shows us our multimedia contents, and obviously gives us directions.

car with navigator
Google Maps on the car is on in its latest update –

the new Directory mode Landscape mode support is not implementeddefect but we’ll see if with future updatesThis thing will be fixed. else mission While that It is well developedand indeed they had continuous improvement. So we wait New navigation navigation systemFrom The Googleare put up for trading, after which we will rotate our ratings.

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