Who is Benedita Parodi’s VIP cousin? His identity will make you speechless!

Benedetta Parodi is one of the most followed TV presenters on the small screen. Queen Peak of Italy has been a culinary show pioneer since 2013 and, thanks to her cookbooks and children’s story series, has made a name for herself in the publishing world. His family consists of many other well-known faces in the Italian show business. First of all, who knows his relationship to little, his cousin. You will never guess who it is!

Benedetta Parodi is probably the most famous person in the family. Born in 1972, Graduated in Modern Literature in 1997, and Professional Journalist in 1999. She began her career at Mediaset with Studio Aperto, Italy News 1. Then her image as a brilliant culinary programmer took shape.

Over the years, in addition to television successes, Benedetta has also managed to create a serious space in the publishing world by publishing 17 cookbooks and 3 collections of children’s fairy tales. Moreover, since July 11, 1999, she has been married to well-known sports journalist Fabio Carissa, with whom she has three children: Matilda, Eleonora and Diego.

The Benedetta Parodi family is full of famous people. In addition to her husband Fabio Carissa, a prominent journalist for Sky Sport, her older sister Cristina is also a famous journalist and TV presenter. In fact, after starting her professional tennis career, Christina made her debut in the information world in the early 1980s. She will host the first episode of Tg5, a news program that will run for a long time, and then move on to entertainment shows on various networks.

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But it doesn’t stop there. His older brother, Roberto Parodi, is also a character (but above all a signature) known to two-wheelers. Roberto is actually a journalist and writer with a passion for motorcycles and has been running custom programming for years and writing for industry publications. He has also published many articles and novels about motorcycle travel.

In the constellation “Parodi” there is also another star, a cousin of VIPs. This relationship is unknown to most people because they are not closely related and have no physical similarity. The only element that connects them is the region to which they belong: Piedmont.
Who are we talking about? Alba Baretti, just her, is the showgirl and mother of the commentator to Francesco Obigni. The two have never hidden their bond, but they are rarely seen, and not even pictures of them together can be found.
With the exception of La7 Studios, where she was hosted on the show “I menu di Benedetta”, Parodi and Alba Parietti never crossed, not even on the small screen.

Distance will not be determined by bad relationships or friction between families. Baretti and Benedetta are not particularly close and even in the workplace they are very far away.

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